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Drives: 2011 2SS/RS
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2011 22SS Auto Engine/Transmission sound

Hey everyone,
Issues similar to this one have appeared here, but not the exact same one and I'm becomming somewhat frustrated with it, so here goes.

When I'm accelerating (Either from stop, at low speed, or at highway speed) I have a couple of things that happen,

1) The engine wil hesitate (significantly, ~1-2 seconds) then there'll be a POP from the exhaust and acceleration will resume normally.

2) When maintaining speed The engine will start to vibrate and i'll have the same POP issue as in (1) when I try to accelerate again; That is, it'll hesitate then POP and then go.

3) Sometimes at lower speeds it'll "thunk" in whatever gear its in, and it feels like someone's turned on a big air compressor. Acceleration at that point is greatly reduces and the only way to break out of the horrible vibrations is to give it a lot of gas (Almost full throttle) until it POP's out, and then i can let off the throttle.

So, As for #2, from what I've read this has a lot to do with the AFM system, but I haven't seen anyone else describe the POP portion of it... When i brought it into the dealer they told me that it was the AFM, and also showed me a technical bulletin describing some of the symptoms I see and also blaming it on AFM.

#3 worries me the most, It really honestly feels like a drunk 14 year old girl is trying to shift a manual, rather than an auto doing it's thing. And i can't stress the vibration enough, it feels like someone stuck a gigantic air compressor in my trunk and turned it on full power. Theres also a pretty bad vibration noise that comes directly from the exhaust.

Has anyone else seen these problems? I'm not so aloof to say that the dealer is wrong, but It just doesn't feel right. I mean, if this was truly "Normal Operation" as they told me, i feel like no one would buy this car....

As a side note, I've brought it in a couple of times for this issue just in the hopes that i might get different opinions, and when I took one of the Dealers Transmission guys out for a test drive, the first thing he said when he heard it was "That sounds like the torque converter comming out of lockup too early".

That's what I figured the problem was myself, and i was happy to have it validated, but when i left it there for them to troubleshoot, they eventually told the tech to stop work, and gave me the TSB about the AFM system.

I'm really concerned about this, and i can't get any further with my dealer, I'm going to call the GM hotline thats in the sticky on this forum too, but I was hoping to get some other feedback from the community.

Thanks everyone.
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Drives: 2011 Camaro 2SS/RS Convertible
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I have the exact same issues you described in #1 and 2. Hesitation + popping noise. Took it into the dealership last week and they said it was normal. I went on a testdrive with 2 different techs both which felt and heard the problem i was describing. Overall analysis by the dealership was that ALL camaros have that and nothing can be done till GM comes out with a fix. It is related to the AFM. Keep me posted on what happens though....hope it all works out...
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