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Originally Posted by tmandoug1 View Post
All I can say about my new ZL1 is that everything seems very tight, the clutch, steering. Shifting (took a little getting used to). I seem to remember from my last clutch eons ago that it was a lift and shift. However i find the ZL1 shifts smoother with a little extra on the gas pedal. Does that maked sense to anyone,,,, It seems if I let up a little on the gas when I shift it gets a little clunky, but if I accelerate just a little bit extra it is very smooth. I have no issues seeing anything out of the windows, however adjust the side mirrors alot to get around that big fat a-- of hers. Tall cups in the center console don't bode very well for shifting,,,, I know trivial. The stitching on the shifter is giving me a blister on my right ring finger, Just have to remember to keep that finger higher up guess. Just fing beautiful to drive. Wife got challenged on the way to window tinting on Saturday by a mustang convertible, he came along side then slowed and went behind then up along the other side and gave the thumbs up and said beautiful ride. She was under strict guidance not to go over 4000rpms and stay in tour mode at all times,,,lol.
So basically, no lift shifting feels smoother than shifting normally?
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Originally Posted by Mr.R View Post
I'm actually starting to get scared of how powerful this car is. Not kidding. Cold tires are really bad news - it has to be treated like you're walking on ice or you might lose it. You can't really accelerate very strong until you're in third, unless you like to go sideways. Be careful not too accelerate too much even in third gear when you turn - it will go from under you. I have a manual - I believe it gives you the true feeling of a sports car. I can't wait for warmer weather = warm tires.
LOL! Nothing that GT500 owners haven't been going through for YEARS. Might want to invest in a good set of DR's. Don't worry - you'll get used to it and when you do, there will ALWAYS be a smile on your face. Enjoy your ride!
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So I experienced the first ride on wet / light rain yesterday. It was in the 40's, the car was in standard mode - PTM2, I was going 2000rpm in 4th gear on a smooth road and guess what: I push the accelerator (not floor it) and it starts to fishtail.....WOW!!! I can't believe the power of this beast! I then put it in PTM1: wet and it really cuts down the power - it doesn't slip anymore. Very nice job!

Also, it looks like I've been riding with the spacers on for the first 200 miles - no wonder why it was so stiff and was even completely sliding in curves on rough pavement. Now it's like butter, especially on Tour mode. I love it. Thanks to fellow members for mentioning this issue! If I didn't check it myself, I could have been going like this at least until the next oil change - if the technician would have been awake.

I also took out the exhaust fuse - it sounds AWESOME, crackles when you lift, louder when you accelerate, probably a bit more power too, just a blast! However, I don't lik the dron on the highway so I ordered an Exhaust Commander. Can't wait for it!

Hope to see impressions from other people too!
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