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Old 04-12-2012, 05:37 AM   #1
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1st ticket ever! and I will nvr rev to a motorcycle again

1st off, this is not a racing story of any sort..

Ok, so I'm on my 8 hr trip to go home, its about 12:00 am, I just went through a small town in east Texas and I'm coming up to a highway intersection with an overpass. There is a bike waiting for me to pass so he could turn into my lane. For kicks and boredom, I rev my engine as I go under the intersection(rly loud and echos if you didn't know). I'm still going the speed limit (70), he flies by me going at least 100-110 with a wheelie almost vertical in the air!!! Craziest thing I've ever seen on the road! I was rly scared for him, my heart sank thinking any second he is going to lose it and crash (I was probably a lot more scared than he was). So yea.... NEVER AGAIN!!

About 30 minutes after that I'm going through another small town, At the main intersection I see a cop at the light as I pass, I'm about 50 yrds ahead of him and he turns my direction. Im going 57 (55 speed limit) and about 100 feet ahead from the 55 is the 70. When I'm about 30 feet away from the sign, I start to accelerate up to 70. He pulls me over shortly after that and here's how it went.

Him: "license and registration"
Me: "I give it to him"
Him: " why were you speeding in MY town"
Me: I didn't know I was speeding sir"
Him: " well you were"
Me: " I saw you were behind me, I wouldn't have sped knowingly, I rly had no clue I was sir"
Him" I clocked you at 66 in a 55", He walks to his car to run my license, He would find I have a clean record and never even been pulled over in 7 years of driving!
Him " I'm writing you a citation"
Me " for 11 over?"
Him: "yes"
Me: I sign it"
Him" next time pay attention to the signs"

I can say with a 100% certainty he knew I was telling the truth (we made eye contact at the intersection).

I would have been grateful if he gave me a ticket for 9 over. He really should have givin me a warning under the circumstances and my 1st offense not even knowing I was doing it.

It's sad that the actions of one cop will make me think differently about all cops. This guy was maybe 28 if that. The only thing I can think of for him giving me that ticket is jealousy.

He was a real smart one too. He asked where I worked, I said ***** & minerals". On the ticket he writes Minrrals.

I took a lot of pride in never having been pulled over and I'm rly angry this is how I get my 1st ticket/1st interaction with a cop while I'm driving.
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Old 04-12-2012, 05:49 AM   #2
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Some of my police associates have assured me that if one says something in the order of "I wasn't aware I was doing XYZ," then one is more likely to get a ticket.


Per them (not me), "If one doesn't know what is happening in one's own car, that's a huge lack-of-control problem worthy of a citation - hands down worse than the person who is completely in control and admits to speeding."

Don't shoot the messenger; just relaying what I heard.
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Go to court, argue your point. Judge will tell you to take a driving course / class or you can take prior to court date. Judge will probably remove it from your records.
Don't go into court guns in air, it won't help. Judge will be considerate if you are, if he/she is in a good mood. Besides, if it stays on record your insurance may go up. I understand what your saying, but, sometimes its better not to fight it. Goodluck.

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Old 04-12-2012, 05:51 AM   #4
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I feel your pain, but you were speeding, Im not sure how the law works but as far as Im concered the speed limit starts at the sign.

Yeah the guy was being kinda a dick in not seeing the human side to the situation but it is what it is.
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Old 04-12-2012, 06:16 AM   #5
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Small town cops treat outsiders completely different. I grew up in a small town. Some of us were driving in high school before we were old enough to get our licenses and were never bothered IF we behaved.

But, I know for a fact going two over would get an outsider pulled over (around town, not the interstate).

Obey all traffic laws in small towns if you aren't from there.
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Yep limit hit when you get to the sign. We pull folks over all the time for getting to 65 in a 55 when they see the 65 sign down the road but are still in the 55 zone.
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Old 04-12-2012, 06:33 AM   #7
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thanks every1 for your responses. I have a question. So what if they clock me in their town and pull me over out of their town. If you google frankston texas and go to the map, it shows an outline of the city. Soo, anything outside of that outline is out of their jurisdiction?
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They clocked you in their town so it is their right to pull you over! A little town I live outside of sits almost right at the city limit signs and pulls folks over outside of the city limits all the time!

But if it's to far from you to go to court I would call them and see if they will drop the ticket from your record if you pay it! Most towns only want the revenue anyways!

If you can go to court they will probably do that anyways! You'll just have to pay the fine!
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Old 04-12-2012, 06:54 AM   #9
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If you commit the offense in their jurisdiction, they can follow you out of it to give you a ticket.
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Old 04-12-2012, 06:59 AM   #10
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You were speeding, sorry bud. The limit starts at the sign, not when you see the sign. Happens all the time in small towns. Traffic tickets is their biggest money generator.

Now, I know at least in Ohio, the small towns must LEGALLY apply to lower the limit. For example if Ohio Route 123 goes through Nowheresville and the legal limit on 123 is 55mph but the Mayor of Nowheresville wants you to go slow through town for whatever reason and he tosses up a 25mph sign. It is NOT enforcable unless is is journaized (and it rarely is) so if you get stopped, you can look up the legal limit and if its still 55mph in the journal, you can buzz town at 55. Not that I suggest it BUT if you get stopped for say 35 in a 25, you can get off failrly easily. The town cops don't know this so don't argue with them. They are jsut doing what they are told. Smile, take the ticket then go to court. Not sure if Texas is like this but i know Ohio is.

Oh and 11 over is my ticket. I have got 3 tickets in the last 5 years. All 11 over. 56 in 45 in my Jeep and two 66 in 55 in my truck. The 56 in a 45 was exactly what happend to you only opposite. I hit the 45mph drop sign at 55,... well I guess 56... then started to slow down. That didn't fly with the cop. 45 AT THE SIGH. Whatever dude, thanks for a break.
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Old 04-12-2012, 07:10 AM   #11

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If it's like here in pa, depending on how close you where to the transition sign you may have a case for dismal of the ticket.
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Old 04-12-2012, 07:35 AM   #12
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I wouldn't take it to heart ... Most younger cops are Dbags. I've had cops pull me over for doing 7 over . Then saying wow some one so young has this car how... Then they give me a ticket... Only time I've ever had a reasonable cop is when he's older. Jealousy sucks especially when the people that get jealous so easy around here are cops . But live and learn. Too bad cops don't pay attention to all the dingus's that drive down the road doing 100 in a fartbox civic, or the idiots who speed in the mom
Mobiles ... Just cuz the car isn't the nicest it can still speed lol.
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Old 04-12-2012, 10:52 AM   #13
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Speeding up before the sign in west Texas? You should know better. Alot of those little towns haven't recovered from the depression and need all the income they can get in this economy and you just offered a donation. That being said I would have asked about how he "clocked" you while he was accelerating to catch up to you. I had a ticket thrown out when I was a kid because the officer wrote it for the speed he had to go to catch up to me which was (duh) faster than my speed at the time. The judge couldn't believe the rookie cop didn't get that.
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Old 04-12-2012, 10:58 AM   #14
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I knew a seasoned police officer, and he says all cops (including him) are completely different when they are young and right out of the academy. The stuff that is drilled in your brain kinda makes you think its you vs. the world. As they get older, they realize you are there to help people, and they learn that they dont need to think of everyone as a suspect, etc.
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