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Cosmetic Maintenance: Washing, Waxing, Detailing, Bodywork, Protection Anything related to keeping your Camaro clean and in good cosmetic condition.

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Ultima Interior Guard PLUS- The fast and easy interior SEALANT!

Ultima Car Care products are held in high esteem for their ease of use and amazing performance. It is hard to find any product line that features products that are as easy to use and get as many favorable reviews, but what about all-in-one interior protectant, Ultima Interior Guard PLUS? As Ultima says, is it Clearly Different?

Ultima Interior Guard Plus comes as a mini-kit enclosed in a plastic tube. Remove the top lid to remove the contents. Included is a bottle the Ultima Interior Guard PLUS bottle with included pump-sprayer and dual-foam comfort grip foam applicator.

The directions are clearly labeled on the back.

Copy from back label:

Ultima Interior Guard PLUS uses superior science and technology to coat, seal and protect every finish in your fine automobile. This clear sealant dries completely and will not leave a greasy, slippery film that attracts dust. Instead, fabrics, leather and vinyl all take on the tactile feel of fine cashmere. You will glide in and out of your leather seating and feel a new comfort that's silky smooth but not slippery. The sealant protection lasts for moths and requires only a damp cloth to clean and maintain.

Directions (label copy):

Surfaces to be treated must be clean and dry before treatment. On all leather, vinyl, plastic and wood trim surface, mist one or two shots of Ultima Interior Guard PLUS onto the soft "applicator" side of teh Ultima Interior Sponge and wipe on the finish. Work in well and apply evenly. All to dry for 3-5 minutes, then buff with a clean, dry microfiber towel. On cloth, mist the surface and work in thoroughly with Ultima Interior sponge. Allow to dry one hour before use.

The subject for this test is a Ferrari F430 Spider. The soft, delicate leather and diverse other surfaces that include carbon fiber, vinyl, stitching, soft rubber coatings, plastic, and metal make the Ferrari the ideal candidate to test Ultima's claim as this being the only interior protectant you need. Ferrari's are blessed with high-quality, soft-touch materials, so this would also test whether Ultima Interior Guard PLUS could really improve the tactile feel of these products.

All of the interior surfaces had been cleaned with Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel just prior to use.

With the interior cleaned, I simply followed Ultima's directions for application to a T. Ultima's reputation has been built on easy-to-use (perhaps the easiest to use) products, so the application was simple.

First, mist one to two pumps on the red "soft" side of the applicator.

Ultima Interior Guard PLUS spreads very easily and leaves a noticeable sheen when first applied (which begins to dry shortly after application).
I wish I could present an more in depth application guide for this product, but it is that simple when applying to all surfaces (except fabric). Mist on and spread evenly.

The sheen fades considerably after the first minute. Here is the finish 3 minutes after application.

After 3-5 minutes buff off any high spots. I used a Miracle Towel.


Ultima Interior Guard PLUS definitely adds a soft "cashmere" like feel to all of the surfaces it is applied too. It is a subtle yet noticeable difference. It definitely improved upon the glove-soft leather of a Ferrari, you can only imagine what it would do to surfaces.

Visual Finish:

When Ultima Interior Guard PLUS is first applied there is a slight sheen that quickly fades. Ultima IGP is an interior sealant (using polymer technology) and it's application is very similar to Ultima Paint Guard PLUS. Wipe-on, walk-away, buff any high spots if necessary. After the sheen fades (quickly) the surface's are slightly richer in appearance. You can see if you missed a spot. Despite the richer (improved) appearance there is no increase in sheen (natural look).


Ultima Interior Guard PLUS is clearly different. Unlike a lot of interior protectants that are dressings, Ultima Interior Guard PLUS is like a paint sealant for your interior. As a bonus, it is not just any paint sealant, it very much like Ultima Paint Guard PLUS in application. Simply mist on, spread, and walk away. It ultimately leaves a rich, satin finish that looks so good. It leaves the surfaces with a unique finish that increases the quality of their feel.

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The advantage of this product, of course, being that it is a polymer sealant, so it overs long lasting protection that bonds to the finish with out creating a greasy mess that most dressings do.
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