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oh no la migra
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My SS Camaro's tranny sounds weird in 1st and 2nd gear.

When the car is in first and second gear (by the way it's an auto L99) at lower speeds it sounds really grainy and gravelly, if that makes sense. If someone can let me know if it's just the way the trannies are supposed to sound. The car runs fine, but when I can find a supercharger that won't void the warranty on the car i'm gonna buy one for it. You can never have enough horsepower. Thanks!
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I don't know what's up with the noise you describe with your transmission, but you won't really find a supercharger that doesn't void the powertrain warranty. If you are lucky, some dealers might look the other way, but its just too big of a power adder. Especially with an auto transmission.
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Get used to it. Its a huge issue with the powertrains on camaro's there are entire forum threads dedicated to this problem. I have been trying to get mine fixed for months.
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