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the rich dude

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Anyone use the Tornador Line of products??

Was looking up foam guns and then came across he Tornador line of products. Expensive but they look pretty good!!! Was wondering if anyone here has tried them out??!products
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We sell the complete line of Tornador products (the new BLACK models are inbound). Tornador Car Cleaning Tools

Here is a quick review for the foamer that I wrote.

"Foaming" your car prior to washing or even rinsing offers the benefit of allowing the surfactants in a soap solution to penetrate the dirt film and surround the individual dirt particles. This can release some of the dirt particles with out agitation and allow the remaining to release from the surface with minimal agitation. This reduces the risk of microscratching or dulling the clear coat when washing.

There are many ways to foam a car and several tools available. Foam Guns, the most popular made by Gilmour, attach to a traditional spray nozzle, and bathe the car in suds. Foam cannons, on the other hand, replace the wand on a pressure washer and create a thick blanket of long lasting suds. Ultimately, each requires switching the sprayer to return normal water flow.

The Foamer by Tornador is unique in that it hooks up to an air compressor and works independently from the water source. You can foam a car and immediately begin to rinse, since your water supply is unaffected. While this can offer a benefit to those with an air compressor, the question is can the Tornador Foamer and blanket the car with enough foam, which clings long enough, to offer a penetrating benefit?

The Autopia Foamer by Tornador.

Getting Started.

The Autopia Foamer by Tornador is easy to set up but you will need an air compressor capable of delivering between 70-90 PSI of pressure. For maximal results it is best to have an air compressor that will flow over 5 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of air at 90 PSI. The higher the air flow the greater the foaming action, although it is not recommended to use more then 125 psi.

First fill the reservoir cup by unscrewing it and filling with water. Add your car soap after the reservoir is filled to prevent sudsing.

Note: Adding to rich of a dilution of soap will create excessive foam and reduce coverage. It is best to err on the light side. In the following pictures and I used Detailer's Pro Series Xtreme Foam Formula Auto Shampoo. This rich, thick gel is designed for use in foam guns and foam cannons. I found that only 1 1/2 capfuls (1/3 oz) was ideal for for optimal results. Adding too much solution produced rich foam, but reduced coverage. Adding too little solution reduced the foam and created a light, running effect.

For soaps that are heavily concentrated (Dodo Juice SuperNatural Shampoo, Migliore Naturale, Detailers Pro Series Xtreme Foam Formula add use approximately 1/3 oz. For other soaps start at 1/3 oz and thicken to 1/2-3/4 oz. if needed.

Once the reservoir is filled, screw back on the Tornador's body. Next use the quick connect to your air supply.

That's it! The hard part is over!. Simply squeeze the trigger to begin coating your vehicle in rich, lubricated foam.

Additionally you can use mild dilutions of all-purpose cleaners and stripping agents to clean the paint after polishing or prior to waxing. Here we I am using Migliore Citro Shampoo to clean the paint of this AMG Mercedes after polishing.

By changing the dial on the lower part of the handle (near the quick-connect) you can adjust the pressure and thicken the foam.

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the rich dude

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have you tried any of there other products? There vacuum cleaning attachment as well as the "Black" model looks great for cleaning the engine bay and nooks and crevices in intricate wheels
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