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Drives: 2014 Camaro SS Convertible
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2014 2SS/RS Vert

Hi. My name is Matt and I'm a Camaroholic. Man, it sure feels good to get that out! Now to continue to feed my addiction

When my Dad left the Army in 1971, the very first thing he did after coming home was buy a used 1969 Camaro SS 350 in a private sale from the original owner. This was his daily driver until 1986, when it slid off the road into a snow bank causing some minor cosmetic damage to the front end bumper, spoiler and grille. At this point, she was put under a car cover and garage-kept for the next 28 years. A few years ago I talked to my Dad about my desire to restore his '69 back to factory condition and he decided to decided to give her to me. She still sits in his garage in Maryland because I do not have the time or the resources right now to bring her back to her former glory. What I do have is the time to do my research and to make sure that when I do get started on her, I will do it right.

I have some very fond memories of riding in this car with the top down when I was a child which I believe ultimately led to my recent purchase of a 2014 Camaro 2SS/RS Vert on January 16, 2016.

I am 38 years old and I have always been a "car guy" at heart. They make me happy when no one or thing can and there are very few things that put as big a smile on my face than driving on a beautiful day with the top down. In addition to the aesthetics of this streamlined beauty, I am an engineer by trade and I very much appreciate the ingenuity that brought the evolution of the Camaro from 1967 to where it is today. That being said, I know enough about working on cars to be able to handle most "bolt-on" projects, but I do not have any real practical experience in car restoration and modification. I am not a "gear head", at least not yet. These journals will document the progress of any restorations/improvements I make to my ladies and at the same time follow my growth as a more experienced mechanic.

Enough about me...

This thread will focus on my 2014 young beauty. I will create another thread to focus on my 1969 fine lady

Here she is on the first day I brought her home:

This car was a 2 year lease to the original owner who I guarantee never put on a single coat of wax or wiped down the interior. I "rescued" her from sitting for 3 months on a used car lot and replaced the cabin air filter (the guy was a smoker), drained battery, a HID headlight, turn signal bulb, changed the oil/filter and had Tires Plus replace the severely worn tires.

After that, I bought a decent detailing kit from Meguiars and spent the next 4 days detailing her inside and out (my next tool purchase will be an orbit polisher!!!). The original owner had really let her go to hell...

Here are the results of my blood and sweat:

This is about a nice as I could make her look on my own, but there are some additional things I want to fix. On the last picture above you can really see the damage the previous owner did to the interior on the passenger side backseat compartment. Several other places in the interior is marred and scratched like this, most notably on the steering column near the ignition and on the glove box door. My next step will be to research the forums here for a possible solution short of replacing panels.

The previous owner also managed to poke a hole in the driver's seat (with a pen sticking out of a pocket maybe?) and covered it up with a craptastic patch job. I would like to eventually get this seat panel replaced.

Another thing on the list is to remove some blemishes from the plastic cover on the automatic shifter and from the radio:

I plan to search these forums and online for a solution, but any suggestions on how to do this would be most welcome!

In addition to some paint scratches and chipping on the usual places (door edges, below the trunk lid and front spoiler), the previous owner curbed the passenger rims at least once. I'd like to replace them eventually with black rims when I get the funds.

In all honesty I don't know what I want to do after I get her back to pristine condition with the exception of one thing: I want to change out the current stock exhaust headers for longs with high-flow cats. It drives me crazy to hear the engine purring when it should be roaring, not to mention the high-end HP benefits. For those that were astute (or cared lol) enough to notice, yes, I live in Florida and we do not have emissions testing so the cat-delete configuration is an option. However, for regular street driving there is no reason whatsoever to remove the cats and a pretty good reason to have them. So on they will stay.

Cosmetically, I would like some vinyl graphics like the black slits on the rear side "gills" or maybe some hockey stick stripes.

In summary, this is my plan for her:

  • Fix the paint chips and scratches
  • New black wheels
  • Paint the brake calipers (black gloss with yellow SS stencil)
  • Vinyl decals - gill slits and hockey stick stripes
  • Do some general clean up in the engine compartment like moving some wiring hoses on the passenger side, making some of the wire wrapping look better, put a nice design on the strut tower brace, etc.
  • Fix scratches and marring on interior plastic, glove box and around ignition
  • Clean up blemishes on radio and auto shift cover plate
  • Clean up or replace pedals
  • Colored leather stitching
  • Lighted door step panels and footwells
  • Long tube headers with high-flow cats
  • Cold air induction upgrade
  • Performance tune
Wishful Thinking Stuff:

If I ever come into a rather large sum of money that isn't gobbled up by my family or house, I would like to add a supercharger and suspension upgrades. I don't know yet if this is even feasible because I've not yet done the research. I'd welcome opinions and thoughts on this as long as you keep in mind that I have no idea what I'm talking about. All I know are numbers and the specs from the supercharged 1LE tell me that I would like to drive it!

So there's my beautiful girl. I'm open to suggestions and (friendly) comments. Thanks for taking the time to look at my thread! Please check out my other thread documenting the progress on my 1969 SS 350 Vert (!

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Welcome to the convertible club!

You can add the 1LE suspension to your car. I have a rear sway bar waiting to put on my 2012 convertible once it warms up
* 2012 2SS Camaro Convertible Ashen Gray
Car Build:
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Drives: 2014 Camaro SS Convertible
Join Date: Feb 2016
Location: Florida
Posts: 7
Thanks for the welcome Ryan and for the confirmation on the 1LE suspension!
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