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2012= 45 Year Ann. of Camaro= Z28!!

Guys as much as I would love to have a new SS, I think the Z28 will be put out in 2012 which would mark 45 Year anniversary of the Camaro! BUT- If they did make a Z28 w/ 600bhp couldn't you take a SS w/i a few years add a aftermarket supercharger along with your typical other goodies and make well over 600bhp? Basically I'm trying to talk myself into going ahead and buying a SS and not waiting to see if they make the Z28!! My local delearship garantees that chevy will not produce a Z28 but.......
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you can do anything with money
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I think it all depends on how far GM can dig their way out of the economic mess they're in. But for me, I'll be happy just to get that phone call saying my SS arrived.
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If they make a Z28 then I guess I might not end up keeping my SS as long as I planned. The Z28 would probably be the only car I'd want to give up the SS for.
There just might be a 2016 Camaro or Corvette in my future...
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Originally Posted by JMAN311 View Post
If they make a Z28 then I guess I might not end up keeping my SS as long as I planned. The Z28 would probably be the only car I'd want to give up the SS for.
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Not That sad..considering
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it wont take them that long to put the z28 out, they have most of the engineering done, its just a matter of money and public opinion to make the additions to the plant to send the z28 down the line, considering how easy the conversion from ss to z28 should be, it should be a no brainer, as it is added profit
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AW! If you put the supercharger on the SS and make 600hp, then why not just replace the SS badge with the Z28 emblem..... I would concider it more of an actual Z28 than the one with less than 600hp! Just an opinion!
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Originally Posted by Sinergy View Post
I think it all depends on how far GM can dig their way out of the economic mess they're in. But for me, I'll be happy just to get that phone call saying my SS arrived.
Yea agreed, but with the government puting strict MPG restrictions on all new cars, the chances of a car with that much power and that low MPG they wont be able to make it possible :(
But im with you all it would be gold on GMs part to have this 45th anniversary Z28 come out.
Or like 2SSJIM said, throw that supercharger on, get the emblem and call it a Z28
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get a z28, do a pully swap, and BAM. or add a super to the ss, and bam, you dont have the hood.
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Talk about over MSRP!
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and a new president hopefully!! I kid I kid!
I think i flip flopped on the ss looks good really does
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The Z28 name has always been special in the Camaro world. What still eludes me is why the Z28 was being planned to be the top dog. I do mean "was" and I'll get back to that later. The Z28 from inception was like a track pack package hence the code Z28 that later became a badge. It had a race car type suspension and higher RPM engine but still produced lower HP numbers than the SS. The years that they have made both, the SS has always been top model. The years that their was no SS the Z28 has been the top model. Ok besides those facts some biased people will argue that the z is and has always been the top dog History is not on their side. Who knows what logic gm will or is using to reach that conclusion. I'm sure most people making an argument for the Z previously owned Z28s or own one now.
Anyhow back to the "was" . I would be greatly surprised if GM continues development or completes the Z28 model. Given their current situation and that of the economy and fuel price instability, it’s not happening. Not to mention the whole MPG people in congress going nuts, the same ones holding the purse strings. It would send the wrong message at the wrong time. I don't know about 2012 but I can assure you it was in the works and that was the design that was coming out with the new bumblebee in transformers. It took us 2+ years from the movies debut to production, maybe that’s a guide for the time frame for the z28 who knows. If I see a future for the car it would be with and aftermarket installer like SLP or a kit bought from GMPP. That will allow GM to circumvent the MPG mandates around the corner. Maybe it won't be what we all are thinking. It may be a lighter car with upgraded suspension and a supercharged V6 that still delivers good numbers in the fuel economy category.
BTW for those that may say I'm biased my 97 SS started life as a z28. It is actually coded for that so in a sence i have both a SS and Z28. Now for those 2 years 96 and 97 SLP brought back the SS nameplate and made all the alteration. Since SLP was doing that with authorization from GM. They(GM) would not be exempt from the MPG laws. I talked to Fbod-father about that some time ago. He clarified some things for me and what I have posted is merely my opinion. That being said if they sold SLP the rights to the Z28 name, they can produce them and GM would not be penalized.

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2012 Z28......hell.... we all won't have our 2010 SS's by then....!!!! Maybe if we could preorder a Z28 now I would wait!
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Chocolate Apocalypse
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Regarding the MPG talk, dont forget the Volt (which I read will be rated at 100MPG) and the Cruze are right around the corner. They should help quite a bit at getting the fleet average up.
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