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Let My Brother Drive The Car...

Went out of town for a week and came back to this little gem on the front left bumper...

Any thoughts on how much it will cost... at some points it definitely goes through the clear coat and the paint...
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Repaint of bumper cover, 250-300 with removal. But the little dent will still be there. Dont let them bondo that out. For some reason people like to do that. Can heat it and try to reform it. Also make sure the body shop adds flex into the paint. Ot is required to avoid spider webbing on these flimsy plastic bumpers
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I'd find a good repair shop and get it fixed. My brother would never hear about it.
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My question is why did you let someone drive your car while you were gone? Mistake #1.
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I'd make him pay for it. Doucher drives your car and scratches it and then doesn't tell you? What a hoser. That being said, no one drives my car of I can avoid it. I'm a bit particular about it lol
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Frank in MD
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Originally Posted by angie7 View Post
My question is why did you let someone drive your car while you were gone? Mistake #1.

If he were honest, he'd pay the cost of the repair though, or at least pay half. Having said that you can't be too upset, as whatever happened only happened b/c you allowed it.

This is also why my family and friends can not drive my car. Family is forever and I would always chose family over a car, but it can get really ugly really fast when it comes to cars and family/friends. I won't even sell a car to family/friends. No amount of money could ever replace someone you care about and sadly cars break/ get damaged. Emotions run high, and people always assume ulterior motives when something bad happens.

I've found that letting someone you care about drive your car is never worth the potential joy they might get from it, b/c if they do damage the car the relationship is also damaged.... and it's just not worth losing someone you care about.
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He needs his ass whipped
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Cost to you? Nothing. He's paying. His responsibility
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I hope you buried him somewhere far away so they can't pin the murder on you.
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I had a similar scratch repaired on my bumper, was about $450 if I remember correctly.
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Steve Dallas
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Did your bother let you know he did this to the car?
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Adam's Polishes

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I've got a fix to your problem... Heres what you'll need:

(1) Shovel
(1) Roll of tape
(3) Trash bags
(1) Rope - about 10 ft should suffice
(1) Vehicle with a large trunk
(1) Quiet, isolated area in the woods to dig shallow grave
(1) An alibi to explain what you were doing between the hours of midnight and 3am

OH... you mean fix the bumper... yea, nevermind. Forget I said anything.


A d a m s P o l i s h e s . c o m
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Gees, it's only a car...a nice car, but still just a car. If you love your family let them enjoy what you have. It only cost money to fix it and your brother may not have known it was damaged. Hopefully, your insurance company will count it as a comprehensive claim and fix it for you at the cost of your deductible. If you don't know how it happened and it didn't happen while being driven, it may have happened in a parking lot by a thoughtless driver who didn't notify you of the incident.
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