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Fast wearing tires because of suspension?

This may get a little long, but I wanted to be a thorough as possible.

So three pieces of information up front. Everything suspension related on my car is stock, plus I had an alignment about 3 months ago. And I just put new tires on my car less than a year ago, maybe 7000 to 9000 miles ago. They are General G-max AS-03.

Now recently I have been getting a lot of noise, I was guessing it was a wheel bearing, seeing as the tires were still pretty new.
Well Wednesday I went to my local dealership and after the drive I took with them they were saying wheel bearing as well.
So I left them my car and came back about two hours later. When I got their I was informed that the bearings were fine, but that my tires were badly cupped and messed up. They didn't mention anything about seeing any suspension issues that would cause it. They recommended I call TireRack were I bought the tires, since I had purchased the road hazard service from them as well.

When I got home I called them up, and explained what the dealership told me. I was told by the road hazard service that it sounded more likely to be a tire quality issue. And that I should talk to TireRack directly.
I was transferred over and when I told the story to the TR person. They said that it was not a tire quality issue, but that my suspension or alignment was probably messed up which caused the tires to get how they are.

So I guess what I am so unhappy about is that both side of my issue blames the other side. If I got new tires again, my suspension issues would ruin them according to TR. And according to my dealership the tires were no good and I need to spend $800 for new ones after the last ones only lasted a year. And that shouldn't they have noticed a suspension issue when they did the alignment.

I think my last step will be to go to a dedicated tire and suspension place and have them look everything over and see what they come up with.

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Drives: 2014 Camaro 2LT RS
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Guess I should add that I check my tire pressure manually once a month, and every day using the TPMS.

One funny thing is that both TireRack and my dealership asked if I rotate my tires regularly. I told the no cause they were offset, so they said I could still do left to right.
Yeah and that would really accomplish anything, duh.

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Drives: 2014 Camaro 2LT RS
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Any ideas on what I should do?
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Can you post a picture of the worn treads? Usually a bad alignment is the cause, but could also be bad tie-rods or ball joints (if you're certain they were properly inflated).

Just to be safe, when you get new tires, get an alignment done...that's probably the cause.
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Now seeing as how you had an alignment done and the tires are still cupping is telling me that the alignment is/was probably done wrong or the factory alignment specs with regular wear and tear on the car are causing this to happen.

Next time you get an alignment done, post up your specs or PM them to me and ill tell you what/why everything is happening.

No matter how expensive or how cheap a tire is, if the alignment is 100% true or even slightly modified/enhanced from factory specs, you should get perfect tire wear, even if its a 5$ tire, now how long that tire will last will be the issue.

Now for cupping tires, usually camber+toe can/will be your issue, strictly toe will wear a tire evenly but very very fast and cause a pull, toe is your heaviest wearing angle, incorrect camber and toe will wear and cup a tire, camber also pulls twice as hard as caster. 80% of GM vehicle get really bad cupping front tires, some rear tires because of bad factory alignment specs or sagging suspension components. At that point tire rotations usually just cup all the tires all at the same rate so you dont notice it as much.

Next time you get an alignment done, make sure the tech checks the front end properly, if its all tight, then get a GM dealer to align your car. The tech may have to modify and play with the specs in order to get everything lined up just right to prevent future tire issues. But remember suspension components do sag with time (front strut assembly's for one) but the rest of the main components may be OK, you need to make sure they measure trim levels and ride height of your ca, to make sure that is within spec.
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I have the spec sheet they gave me last time if I can only find it. It should be with all my oil change receipts. But i remember that they were all in the correct range.
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Drives: 2014 Camaro 2LT RS
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No idea what I did with the spec sheet.
I do have the original Pirelli's laying around my garage, I may have a tire place look at them and if they are not cupped and the tread depth still ok I may have them put back on. Just to see/ hear what happens.
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What happened on the noise problem...ever get it resolved....?

Hope you did, if so please explain what solved it.

Have same problem...
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I would start by having the Dealership check the alignment and print out the specs without making any changes. If it's still within specs, you can provide that information to TireRack to get the tires replaced. If it's out of spec, then you need to have it aligned. You can still use the existing tires if the tread is good, you will just have to deal with the noise, or you can get new ones.

Also, check the warranty (if any) on your last alignment.

And tire pressure has nothing to do with the alignment. But if you are manually checking the pressures, then take a little extra time and check the tread and wear as well. Unless it's bad enough to effect handling, your only indication of alignment issues or just tire wear will be from a visual inspection.
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Avenging Orange

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Im sure whoever did the alignment would be able to supply you with documentation. I would use that to get my tires replaced, then use the same to have the alignment checked. Hopfully you get both without paying a dime. Good luck.
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whoever did the alignment might have a copy of the specs, I know we attach them to the work order that being said your screwed, this is the side of tire rack no one wants to hear,isnt it funny how the rep was able to determine your tire issue over the phone without seeing the car,find your price on tire rack and print it out most big companies will match the price and that way you have a real warranty with real people.
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