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The Mark of Excellence
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New England Camaro5 wins Best Club Participation for third year in a row!

Featured on Camaro5 HOMEPAGE

Sunday June 24th at the Rhode Island Chevy Owners Association All Chevy Show. With 50 fifth Gen Camaros from all over New England, we have such a presence now they have created two new classes just for 2010+ Camaro's, stock and modified. We began our day all meeting at a local mall about 20 minutes from the show. The Camaro's were lined up in the shape of the Camaro5 logo and many pictures were taken from a parking garage roof. Some one will have to post an official photo from the roof.

Once your car was positioned it was up to the roof to check it out.

We got some of these.

And one of these big ones.

And here we are accepting our Best Club Participation trophy.

Okay NEC5, let the photo's and videos fly.
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Capt. Organization!
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Today was another winning day for New England Camaro 5. Today was the day of the Rhode Island Chevy Owners Association Car show. This show is put on by the RICOA club and is open to all Chevy models, old and new. They have classes for Corvettes, Chevelles and Novas, Monte Carlos, Corviars, late models, as well as Gasers, and GM powered cars. But of course, the class most near and dear to us if the Camaro class. Because of our great turn out last year, the first year for the Gen5 class, this year they split the Gen5 class into stock and modified.

The day started out like any other for NEC5. Folks from all over New England waking up early and doing what they had to making sure their Camaros were ready (I personally had to do a quick rinse / wash after last night's storms). Some of us got up really early. Then we all made our way to our rally points. There were several minor rally points, but the major ones were in Burlington, where the Camarovan started, Hopkington where we met up basically doubled our size, and North Attleboro, were we again nearly doubled in size. In all, 48 Camaros rallied at the Emerald Square Mall for our "class picture".

Here is a picture of the Camarovan on the way from Hopkington to N. Attleboro. There are 24 of us in this picture alone!

and unlike last year's picture (which I found out was taken in the exact same place as last year) we were not photo bombed by a Subaru.

After a near flawless execution of the group line up (expect to see our signature pictures start changing), we all rolled out for Diamond Hill State Park for the actual car show. Getting there was fun, and then we clogged up the entrance (oops). Hey, they knew we were coming en mass.

It was a perfect day for the show; the weather couldn't be more perfect. We had a good location in the park, with shade at the edge (but can we say "pond" for next year???). I recall they said they had a record turnout of well over 300 cars. This may not be a huge car show, but everyone in NEC5 knows that this is our show.

We also walked away with several awards:
chevy 3 - 1st Place in the Modified Class (left)
PAUL SS - 2nd Place in the Modified Class, and he won 6lbs of fresh chicken from the raffle (center)
95RedCamaroz28 - 3rd Place in the Modified Class (right)

sorry I have to combine all three pictures into one - I've hit the max limit of attachments, and I still have a few member pics to add.

2ndtimess - 1st Place in the Stock Class (no photo, sorry :( )
SS2012 - 2nd Place in the Stock Class (on left) --- Jimmy - 1st Place in the Gasser Class (on right)

And of course, with 50 or so NEC5 members, our club won, for the third year in a row, the trophy for Best Club Participation!!! And how could we not? I mean, really...WE ROCK!

After the show and after those of us left signed the trophy and had our pictures taken with it, a few of us went for ice cream.

All in all, it was another great day for NEC5. I have a lot of folks to thank for making this day work out as well as it did, but suffice it to say in this post, I thank all of our club members who showed up! Admit it, you had a great time, for for those of you new to the car show scene, you know you'll be doing more of this stuff, right?

Pictures of folks with their cars
2010 Bumblebee


5thgencanuk (all the way from Quebec and still sporting a Red Sox hat!)







Dave (future member)


Don Clark

Dragon Tats



Eric Baker


Hair Nation SS














I am holding the custom trophy that Filthy Phil made





Patsfan1987 & Mrs.








check out those shoes!!!




Yellow Camaro

Unknown Member (oh you will be identified )

I'm sorry if I missed you; I tired to get a picture of everyone, but some of you slipped through. If you have your own picture, post it, and I'll put it up here with the rest of them.

I also need to add in all of my "thank yous".
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So easy to love Camaros
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Here's a few....
Attached Images
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HP Turbine
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I wish I could have gone!

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NICE! congrats guys!
Build Thread:

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I had a great time , could not ask for a better day . Congrats on your win Paul and everyone of the NEC5 clan for coming together for this awesome display of power.
Thanks guys<img src=images/smilies/w00t.gif border=0 alt= title=W00t class=inlineimg />
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Grey Ghost

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Congrats! Looks like a good time!
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More pics!
Attached Images
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Congrat's guys!
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Some more pics:

Name:  IMG_6641.jpg
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Size:  185.6 KB

Name:  IMG_6649.jpg
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Size:  187.6 KB

Name:  IMG_6625.jpg
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Name:  IMG_6691.jpg
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looks like a great time!!
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Nice pics!

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Awesome pictures!
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Great time as always!
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