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Old 05-19-2009, 08:36 AM   #1
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webasto sunroof for 2010 Camaro

As featured on homepage.

The speed of 2010 Camaro aftermarket development continues to impress. Some Camaro fans are not very fond of the factory Camaro sunroof option, which, when open, slides up and out over the back of the roof (example) instead of back inside the roof. Webasto has come to market with a solution in the form of the SolAire 5300 Power Inbuilt Sunroof. As demonstrated in the VIDEO, this sunroof system installs into the roof of the Camaro and allows the sunroof glass to slide back discretely into the roof when open. The sunroof also retains the up-tilting function.

I was on youtube and searched 2010 camaro, sorted by newest first and came across this ....

I think with this one the roof looks a lot better. I was going to get a sunroof on mine but chose not to because I liked the grooves in the roof. With this, you can have both.

I hope I'm correct in assuming that those top grooves have to do with the sunroof option and not V6 vs SS. I saw a v6 with a sunroof and no grooves and a v8 with non sunroof and it had the grooves, thats why I assume.
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I'm not a big fan of sunroofs but that is OEM nice! And they got it done fast considering most big name companies don't even have headers for this car yet.
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Old 05-19-2009, 12:04 PM   #3
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it looks kinda wierd in the interior and there is no longer a reverse Mohawk in the inside :(
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Old 05-19-2009, 12:12 PM   #4
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Looks like they had to lower the inside roof slightly to get that in there. That might be a problem for some people that already have headroom issues. I don't see anything wrong with the factory sunroof. It looks a lot cooler when it is sticking above the roof to me.
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This just shows I was correct way back when I suggested they could keep the reverse mohawk WITH the factory sunroof.

I prefer the stock sunroof though. I'd rather it slid back above the roof than into it. Headroom in that must be virtually nil if you're over 5' 10".
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It looks strange from the inside....You lose about two inches it seems..Not very good in my opinion..
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The main problem I have with aftermarket sunroofs is the sound. When opening and closing, most don't sound "solid" like the factory roof does. I'm wondering if they put the music track over it to disguise the sound.

I love it...the only thing I don't like is the interior. That entire reverse mohawk is lost to a sea of flat headliner. (I do like some of the features though...automatic shade opening, closes by itself if accidentally left open, etc.) It's too bad that glass isn't shaped to follow the reverse mohawk. That would be slick.
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They Should have spent there time developing Roll down windows for those sides insted, probably see more of a folloing if they did!!
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I like the size of the opening its nice and big! I also like how the whole panel opens too, it does not stop half way like the factory sunroof. Those for me are the real advantages.
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That's a pretty good lookin' sunroof. I wonder just how much room is lost in headroom by placing that roof in the headliner.
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Old 05-19-2009, 05:12 PM   #11
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Nice I like it.
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That's what we needed, but I understand why GM chose the route that they did.
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Got SS?
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Guys, I used to work for a company that installed aftermaket sunroofs on new vehicles (and actually installed them myself). FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE DO NOT GET AN AFTERMARKET SUNROOF IN YOUR NEW CAMARO They have to cut the braces out of the roof, the interior roof line will definitley be lower to allow for the glass to slide back, and they almost always leak, have windnoise, and eventually the headliner begins to fall. If you really must have a sunroof, go with the factory installed one.

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I like it! I had a webasto sunroof installed in my dodge pickup years ago and it was a well built unit. They didnt cut the stock headliner either, they put a completely new one in. I loved the fact that it closed by itself after you turned the truck off. And no wind noise in my truck
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