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Tune Question

Maybe this is not a easy question to answer, anybody have any idea how much horsepower can be gained on a ZL1 with only a tune ?
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I read that it's a pretty strong tune from the factory but I'm sure someone who is a tuner could find some extra power and have a better answer for ya.
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I have often wondered the same thing. What kind of HP gains would you see with different bolt-ons. Headers, CAI, pully swap, snout, tune, etc....
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From what I saw on mine a tune wont get but a few(4-5)hp,but u can move the torque curve to come on earlier,which could be a bad thing.Chevy definitely went aggressive for a factory tune.
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There's no way to easily answer your question because it depends on who's writing the tune and how much risk you're willing to take. A tune can be written to produce another 50-100hp but it wont do it safely and will affect longevity. Or you can have a tune written that produces another 10-15hp but will be plenty safe and won't affect reliability. So there's no easy answer to your question. I saw Steve from ADM post a phrase in one of his threads that nails it on the head. He gives the customer what they want and he must first qualify what it is they are looking for as an end result. This is what all tuners have to do before writing you a tune. They need to know if you're willing to take a risk and threaten reliability for big numbers or do you want to be safe and take a smaller gain. It comes down to what you as the customer wants as an end result and what risk you're willing to accept.
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TPower - check this link out, this was a mild tune


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