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purchasing ZL1 ,would you take it to fastlane,and why

I am purchasing a ZL1 ,and have looked around at other shops and the pricing to have certain packages installed.
Everyone is for the most part is doing the same thing it seems, which normally breaks down to 650 hp,700hp,and 750hp packages. After that the bolt on's become engine builds and twin turbos.
I looked into Hennessy,and his prices which seem to be at times up to 50% higher than other shops like fastlane ,both which are located in Houston. when I spoke with Hennessy they said the reason for the extra 5-10k difference was because the gave a longer warranty than other shops,and they also had more locations(Overhead) to service my car if need be after the install.
Would you guys pay the extra or go to fastlane who gave me a price of around 11k-to 13k installed for 700-750hp compared to the 20k price tag Hennessy quoted me.

The 700plus hp Package normally Includes:
- Engine removal & removal of supercharger assembly, cylinder heads, camshaft
- CNC porting & polishing of ZL1 LSA cylinder heads
- Competition Cams valve springs, titanium retainers, 10 degree locks - Competition Cam
- GM Head gaskets & head bolts
- 2.55 inch diameter steel supercharger drive pulley - powder coated black - 8 rib
- 8 rib serpentine belt
- LS9 solid supercharger isolator coupling
- Port and polish supercharger snout
- High Flow air intake kit
- 10% overdrive harmonic balancer
- 63 lbs/hour fuel injectors
- 160 degree thermostat
- headers
- intercooler upgraded
- Engine testing & expert ECM tuning
- Chassis dyno testing before & after installation
Thank you guys,also what do you think of fastlane lately ?
I have had work done there many yrs ago,and I was very happy,but that was ten yrs ago,on a srt10 ,and time changes everything and everyone,hopefully for the best.
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Their package really looks great. The only thing I would be concerned about is going internally into the motor for a cam change and head work. I did this on my SS and I feel it killed the resale value of the car. Most folks I think would accept cai, exhaust, tune, and pulley modifications but may cringe upon internal mods. I guess you have to ask yourself whether the added hp with the cam change is worth the depreciation should you decide to sell in the future. Just my opinion.
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Good Advise
Gone but not forgotten:
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Old 09-07-2013, 07:10 AM   #4
Davenport Stage 5+
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If you plan on keeping your ZL1 like me... Go for it! I just had Davenport Motorsports put a stage 5 on my car... Best thing I ever could have done... It's a entirely different experience now. The price they suggested sounds about right. I had a heat exchanger/intercooler added as well valued at $2000. If this is something u really want just get it and enjoy it, over 600 hp to the wheels feels awesome! Lol
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Drives: 13 ZL1 vert blac fastlane/LPE 750
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: houston
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I went to fastlane and had a bunch of updates done to it and ended up with 612rwhp
So now we are going to head into the 650 plus,you can read the sig below and see what they did the first week I purchased it.They did a great job !!! I showed up there On a rainy day and nick came out to me and spoke to me outside in the rain for 20mins witch was a big help since I am disabled and it takes a lot for me to get out of my car.That type of customer service,and the fact that he had the guys looked over the car and dyno it for free to make sure it was good to go since i purchased it used.Then I also read what his customers had to say about his shop on facebook...
He had no issues with me bringing in some parts from DEp3 Evan by the way is a great guy he also stood outside for awhile talking and explaining things to me.
Nick also price match everyone else,unlike some places i called,plus while i was driving around and checking out other shops to see how clean there are which i think is important,as it shows how they are going to treat your car his was one of the cleaner places. I went to LMR who have since taken of the matter by emailing me and saying sorry for what happened when i stopped by.turned out jay wasnt there ,and the guy behind the counter quoted 750 for a 400 TB.and also gave us a 650 estimate to tune it,as well as not wanting to bother to come out to my car and talk to me,when my son mention that his dad was outside in the car,so because of that I felt nick was a better fit for me,I am not saying that there work is in any way poor,just a guy that dropped the ball.......I feel it important to tell people how your treated good or bad so those know who to go to and the story behind all the cars they build...OH check this out Fastlane is going to have their own T.V. show maybe it will put those guys racing the so called 10 fastest street cars and that B.S p.o.s red truck and his dog l.ol in it place and show what H-town has to offer....
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