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Originally Posted by ChibiBlackSheep View Post
bowtie v 6 . c o m/forum/download/file.php?id=1404&sid=a733378da3a21ccf72519da91c2ff 303&mode=view

(remove the spaces)

Start multiplying for your rev matches. Example, you drive a v6 in fifth gear and it's 1.0, you want to drop to 2nd? multiply your current RPMs by roughly 2.5, so if you are going in 5th at 2k, then you want 2nd at 4.5k

I enjoy math, once you learn your ratios and can multiply quickly in your head you will be fine... or just use rough estimates
You just turned driving into work!
I like math, but not while I'm driving. OK, sometimes I will try to compute how many more miles I can go on a tank or who much longer a trip is... but not during gearshifts.
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I drive the shit out of mine. Change the oil, put premium fuel in it. It's all I can do. Did the same thing with my Chevelle, except it was more oil changes, more premium fuel. 1 to 4 don't bother me cause I shift at a minimum of 2500. Don't buy used. ha.
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How can you pick any gear and decide 'this is the gear I make turns in'? Choose the gear that meets your needs for whatever speed you are carrying.

Why choose to start in second to miss the skipshift? Just shift out of first at an rpm that isn't affected by skipshift. Try 2,000 rpm. Skipshift saving gas does not compute with me, the way the car bogs. I can see it being dangerous, in fact, as the car has no grunt, and gee, here comes a truck blowing a red light. Better economy tip: 1-2-4-6

Rev matching? Why are you worried about this? Are you driving at 9/10ths and need that extra competitive edge? Rev matching is a nice skill to have. But you don't need to use it. Ever, really, until you race for real.

Re: downshifting to come to a stop. Of course. But that doesn't mean 'breaking the tires free on downshift'. You choose the gear appropriate for any speed, whether accelerating or decelerating. Let's say you're coming to a stop from 35 mph and you're in 4th gear. You stay in fourth as you brake. Oops, now you're doing 25 mph and you don't need to stop. You're in 4th gear. For God's sake, why? I'd be in second. At a stop, neutral sure. At 5mph in a coast and I know I'm stopping? Neutral

When you drive an manual, think about what an automatic transmission is doing. It upshifts and downshifts depending on RPM. You're doing nothing different.
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Rev matching is more of a feel thing for me. Don't really think of it in terms of mutlipliers or even rpms. More like, "What sound does 3rd normally make at this speed?" Blip the throttle to get near the sound and then a swifter than normal clutch release (not a dump, but quick) and the gas. It takes time to get to know the car and the sound and feel of things at different gears and speeds.

While it is a necessity in a race/track setting, it is also good in every day driving: it lessens powertrain thrash; helps syncros mesh up for easier shifts (get very good at it and you don't even have to use the clutch to shift into the next gear); makes the ride for passengers more comfortable; and in the event you do need to zip around something in an emergency having it down can mean the difference between breaking the tires loose due to a bad downshift or safely negotiating the pass.

And it sounds cool and impresses gearhead friends.

Whatever you do, don't practice this or even try a normally executed aggressive downshift while in a turn (sweeper or tight). It is very easy to break the rear loose on these cars when downshifting aggressively (large gear jump and/or too-fast clutch release without proper rev match). Doing so in a turn can be the start of a very bad day. Stabilitrac will save you in some (perhaps many) cases, but I wouldn't test it at high speed.
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when i drove sticks i'd let the sounds the engine and car make tell me when and how it should be shifted i know it's kinda lame but i learned to drive on a stick at 13 and that became second nature for me ...if you can pull away up hill from a standing start and not roll backwards or burn your clutch you will have mastered your stick shift...that's what i taught my kids when i taught them to drive a stick
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Originally Posted by FaytalsCamaro View Post
So this is the first manual vehicle I have had and to be quite honest with you I don't think I'll ever go back to driving an automatic. Anyways it's been awhile since I've stalled so I'm pretty proud of myself.

I do have some questions and hope to get some insight and advice from you vets though. Im just gonna list off some of the things I do and have heard and you guys can comment on them.

I ALWAYS take turns in second gear. Is it ok to take them in third? Or does it just depend on your speed?

Depends on your speed. If your car was a 4-speed or 5-speed, 2nd would be the most likely suspect for most 90 degree/corner turns. With the 6-speed and torque of the new Camaro motors, it's usually a toss-up between 2nd or 3rd for corners depending on the conditions, sight distance, etc, and how hard you want to pull out of the corner.

I USED to take off from a stop in second also to avoid the skipshift. But lately I have been going from First to Third, First to Fourth seems to bog down too much.

I'd advise against taking off in 2nd. To take off in 2nd, you have to slip the clutch a little more than normal...that's unnecessary wear. I'd take off in 1st and then decide where to go from there.

Skip shift does momentarily lock you out of everything but 4th gear. If you wait a second, the program will terminate and you can shift into any other gear. I'm really not a fan of the skipshift mentioned, a ~$20 part (basically a pigtail that connects to a wiring harness coming off the trans) will eliminate the program. FYI...I haven't purchased a skipshift eliminator, so I usually slowly shift to 3rd, or if I get skip-shifted out of my next gear, I ride 1st a little harder.

Rev Matching: How do I know the correct RPMs? For example awhile back there was a thread here with a poll asking what everyones favorite gear. Most said third. So I tried it out on the highway. ( Cheese and Rice does it get up and go) But let say Im going about 65 on the highway in 6th. What should my RPMs be at before I downshift to third and go?

You can do a mental math exercise if you know your gear ratios (not practical, if you're dumb like most of us). Or, you can watch and practice. For instance, if I'm in 4th gear, I know I'm going approximately 35mph at right around 1800rpm. If I want to go to 3rd, the RPM's will be higher. Probably around 2400rpm or so. So, shift down and blip the throttle. If you didn't blip enough, you'll feel the car slow as you shift/clutch out into a lower gear. If you blipped too much, you'll feel the car accelerate as you shift/clutch out to a lower gear. "Just right" means you can let out the clutch out with zero slipping or jerkiness in the ride of the vehicle as the speed of the engine and speed of the transmission input shaft are spinning at the same speed, requiring zero slipping of the clutch. Practice comes from memorizing certain points of RPM, speed, and gear selection. Or mental math, if you're crazy Some rev matching is better than really grinds my gears (pun) when people shift to a lower gear and just let out the clutch. It wears the clutch and unsettles the car, annoys passengers like me.

When coming to a stop a always shift to neutral and cruise to a stop. Should I be downshifting through the gears to come to a stop? And when I'm at a stop I always stay in neutral till I'm Ready to go.

I think practical driver's training advises that you keep the car in gear all the time. My style is slightly modified...I do keep the car in gear while I slow to a stop, but the gear is dependent on how fast I was going. I can ride 4th down to 20mph or so, 3rd down to 12 or whatever. I don't downshift through ever gear, I basically clutch in a hundred or two RPM before the car would want to buck ("lug") if I went any slower. This creates for a really smooth stop, and clutching in should be seamless/unfelt. While stopped, I keep my foot on the brake, clutch out, gearbox in neutral. I watch traffic and lights, and shift to 1st before my light turns green. It gives my foot a rest, keeps wear off the throwout bearing.

Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!!!!

Do what feels natural. It's best to practice rev matching when you're NOT driving for performance. See if you can perfectly rev match while putting around town. Practice at higher speeds/RPM as you get more comfortable. It's a smooth driving skill just as much as it's a performance driving skill.
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Posts: 1,476 are just wasting gas if you start downshift to stop the car. Just mash the clutch and brake to stop it. Just downshift if on steep inclines to save your brakes.
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I'm no expert, but as mention I just blip the throttle and let out the clutch to rev match as I downshift. Then it's sort of simulataneously onto the gas. I've never lurched or chirped doing it that way, it's quite smooth actually.

I tend to maybe downshift one gear or just let the car decelerate in the gear I am in as I come up to a light. I'll then clutch it around 1000 RPMS sometimes a little lower if am feeling lazy and want to push it. Then I am into neutral waiting. Clutch in, 1st gear when I see the yellow light go for the traffic going cross the intersection and I am ready to go.
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Originally Posted by bb040 View Post
when i drove sticks i'd let the sounds the engine and car make tell me when and how it should be shifted i know it's kinda lame but i learned to drive on a stick at 13 and that became second nature for me ...if you can pull away up hill from a standing start and not roll backwards or burn your clutch you will have mastered your stick shift...that's what i taught my kids when i taught them to drive a stick
Good memories! Kind of reminded me of me when I was learning manual. I went to a hill where cars rarely passed and I just kept on practicing until the car didn't roll backwards. It took me hours to get it right but I got it down in one day. I haven't had problems ever since! Makes me miss driving , I hope I get a job soon and buy myself a Camaro.
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2k x 2.5 = 5k rpm... lol just ball bustin'

Thank our veterans for peace today, Support our troops for peace tomorrow. RIP Dad, 1962-2012 SYOTOS
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Y'all make driving a stick seem like WORK instead of FUN!!!
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personally I down shift and used the engine to brake, and have never had any clutch issues with my gen 4 99 ss camaro, that is a daily driver for at least 5 years... I have always thought that sitting at a light with it in gear and the clutch in was not an issue. I was taught that slipping the clutch too much or just dumping the clutch is what ruins a clutch (which I try to avoid mostly). I regularly take aggressive / spirited takeoffs with no problems.

I always take off in first gear, and take my turns in whatever gear feels the best to me without lugging it and what I feel is a good RPM.

I really want to say that I seem to remember reading in one of my owners manuals (gen4 or gen5) that you should not coast very far in neutral with a manual transmission for some reason.

Do I sometimes coast in neutral or with the clutch in to a stop? Yes. But I normally keep backpressure on the engine.

I could be wrong however about what I thought that I read in the owners manual.
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