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Old 07-31-2012, 02:24 PM   #51
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The video is absolutely wonderful Camaro porn!! Don't be down on the ZL1 folks. It is with no modification within 2 seconds of a full on race car built by a suspension engineer!!! That is nothing short of incredible and proves what a fantastic car the ZL1 really is. Of course,,,, on the other hand,,,, if you are really disappointed in your ZL1 you could always give it to me.
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Let's not forget that 69 Camaro is NOT a stock-off-the-showroom-floor model the way the ZL1 is. It's absolutely amazing that a BONE STOCK ZL1 for $60k is that close to a TOTALLY CUSTOM AND MODIFIED track car that costs $250k to replicate.

Drop another $190k on modifying a ZL1 and that 69 will go hide in the corner.

Let's see... lighter brake rotors, lighter 19" wheels, 1-piece carbon fiber driveshaft, lighter racing seats...just those alone would probably put the ZL1 right next to that $250k custom 69 performance-wise. So maybe $8k of mods and you're competing with a car that costs a quarter of a million dollars.

Don't get me wrong; I'd love to have that 69 and it has the most magnificent sound I think I've ever heard a muscle car have. But you guys in a ZL1 have nothing to feel bad about; you have a magnificent car right out of the box that can compete with legendary cars for a fraction of the cost.

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DangerZL1 was right on track in his comment. No pun intended.

600 pounds is a big weight disadvantage. The HP is over 25% higher than the ZL1, the torque is about 30% higher and it only bought straightaway time, nothing in the curves, and a 2.5 second advantage.

The ZL1 is at least 50% cheaper too. If you kew the exact dollar amount spent and got both cars to the same price level, I wonder what the ZL1 would look like.

Go Camaro!
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The sound of 69 is....amazing!!!!
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Originally Posted by Bola1103 View Post
the zl1 has plenty of hp gm says 580 is all we need
It needs more, no way around it. It doesn't need 662hp, but it needs an increase..
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Looks like the real winner here is the ZL1. Almost 700 lbs heavier, couple hundred less hp, 50 to 200k cheaper to buy, and within 3 seconds of the red devil.
Keep in mind also thet although its obvious Mark is an excellent driver, he has a lot of seat time into the red devil which counts for a familiarity that he doesn't have with the ZL1. That taken into account and the ZL1 is VERY impressive.
Most people aren't going to be happy with just the 580hp, so I think a lot of people will seriously up the power, which is really all you have to do to leave the red devil far behind. (not to take away from that car (devil) it is obviously an iconic car in all respects)
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niCe video... could of been better for the all new lightweight ZL1.

What have we learnt from the video..? still after 5 generations, the '69 Camaro beats the new ZL1! LOOOL
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Nice video. That '69 is an awesome car. Would love to have that in my garage!
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So it's 750 RWHP vs 500 RWHP for the ZL1....

I LOVE the sound.
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I thought the sound of the 69 was a whole lot like that of a ZR1...but, I'm getting old! This was an awesome comparo. I don't see a lot of older Stangs being modded to the degree of the Red I wrong?
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Nice vid. Looks like fun day at work.
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Originally Posted by srt0739 View Post
Exhaust and engine sound on both are great and love the flames exit the 69's exhaust at time 5:30 something on the vid.

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Originally Posted by MY1STCAMAR0 View Post
It needs more, no way around it. It doesn't need 662hp, but it needs an increase..
Your right it needs 680 HP to compete in the current market.

One thing you have to look at with this 69 vs ZL1 comparo is the 69 is a full on aftermarket car costing wayyyyyyy more than the ZL1. The ZL1 is a stock production car costing about 1/3 of the Red Devil. On a side note the Red Devil seems pretty heavy to me. I would have guessed the weight at around 3100 lbs and was way off when I read that it was over 3500lbs. What all did he put in that thing that made it gain so much weight?
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1969 Camaro VS 2012 ZL1 Camaro

Pick your favorite one, the 2012 ZL1 or the 1969 Camaro, old school vs new school.
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But... old news Cool though
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Just my opinion but I think Chevy hit a grand slam with the ZL1. It has been my experience that a lighter car would not drive as smoothly and handle as well. There is a reason that the "Red Devil" is considered more "violent" and "rough" in the video. Also, with more horsepower comes a difficulty in daily drivability (wet roads, overheating, etc) and gas mileage (though I am sure anyone who bought either of these cars would rank that at the bottom of the list in priorities). I would find it nearly impossible to believe that the Red Devil would be as comfortable in a daily 50 mile commute in rush hour traffic as the ZL1. And finally, here is the reason I think the ZL1 is superior. For 20K you can have a Hennesey upgrade to over 700HP that would more than likely put the Red Devil in the rear view mirror or at least bumper to bumper. At 80K you are still 1/3 the cost of recreating the Red Devil AND you have all the comforts and technology of a new car. I have a ZL1, I would love to have the Red Devil. But I think Chevy has delivered beyond my wildest dreams with the ZL1 and with the aftermarket products available, the ZL1 has nothing to be a ashamed of.
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Old 10-04-2012, 07:07 PM   #67
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Originally Posted by Blueclyde View Post
I'm thinking the ZL1 should have about 60 more hp.
I'm thinking 600 RWHP from the factory.
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A few comments, they talk about using ZR1 technology and putting what they learned into the ZL1.....
why not use the LS9?
Why not use the carbon brakes?
Why not make it lighter with alloy space frame tech?
Why an 11" rear wheel why not a 12"?
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anyone else want to make comments to any of the things i said above?
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69 camaro, hot rod, speed, zl1 camaro

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