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Originally Posted by Aubrey64 View Post
So I got my 2010 LT/RS in June, my dad surprised me with it for my graduation present! I am so excited to start modding, but I don't know a whole lot about cars, though I am typically pretty good at this type of stuff (I am great with computers and electronics, and I am pretty good with my hands). I was wondering, how did y'all learn how to mod, and how did you learn about cars? I don't know where I should start, but I want to start modding as soon as possible! Thanks guys! Any tips are appreciated!
Prior to getting my Camaro, I had a Chevy Colorado pick up and my knowledge on automobiles was pretty limited. I traded in my truck and bought my Camaro (was in College during that time), everything I've learned was on the forums reading DIY's, researching stuff online and just simply teaching myself how to do these things. On the weekends my buddy and I would install whatever mod I had that week. All of my mods are in my sig and I've installed all of them myself, except for the springs and super charger.

My suggestion to you is be very active on the forums, read & research a lot on the internet and then just go and try it yourself.
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My car fever started when i was about 9 years old. I read every Hot Rod, Road and Track and Motor Trend magazine since I was old enough to read. I also built numerous car models and took (an repeated) advanced auto shop in high school. As I got older, I repaired and maintained all of my vehicles. I also restored a couple of cars and owned enthusiast cars such as Porsche 911's.
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K32 Camaro
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Originally Posted by Brutal SS View Post
Everything I have learned is from
+1 and the older gents at work explained the more complicated stuff to me.
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I've always loved cars and having my own car helped me learn about them even more. ESPECIALLY the forums
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When i grew up, my family was dirt poor.f i lived half my life in a trailer, and moved into a small house in the sticks. we drove pretty much anything that was cheap. alot of the vehicles or parts came from the junkyard. if our car broke down, we didnt take it to a mechanic. we had to fix it ourselves, there was no money to take it anywhere else. for extra cash, my dad worked on junkers for a local car lot at our house. around 10 years old my dad "let" me hold the light for him, and gather needed tools. when i was 13, i worked on the cars solo after school while he was at work.

my dad taught me alot about cars, and i doublt id be were i am today without him, or those experiences.
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Trial & error and good common sense.
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Angrybird 12
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I learned a lot from my dad starting when I was 4 years old watching him work on his 56 Chevy 210 with a 265 V8 power pack with police pursuit package. I remember that car would fly! My dad would do all of his own maintenance work from brakes to adjusting the solid lifter valves in the 56 to replacing a cam in my brothers 65 Biscayne right in my grandmothers back yard. He could tune a engine just by listening to it run. Man I miss him... Rest in peace. Dad
Cancer's a bitch! Enjoy life while you can! LIVE, LOVE, DRIVE...CAMARO!

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My family has owned a salvage yard since the mid-50s.
Dan Wheldon (1978-2011)

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FUTURE: long tube headers, front splitter, slotted/drilled rotors, leather console and e-brake handle boot, remote fuel door and rear seat release, sway bars and bushings.
WISH LIST: Edelbrock E-Force SC, LS3 conversion
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My father was a mechanic and amateur stock car racer. My grandfather and grandmother also raced. I learned the basics from them. The modern stuff I've learned by researching and doing.
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I don't even have my Camaro (12 months hopefully) and I already have over $10,000 allocated in mods. And every mod has been changed at least 3 times. So don't be too hasty. Allow yourself time to change your mind. But the best advice is to scour this forum for information. However, the search thread in this forum isn't the best. I get better results using the Google option. Finally, don't stop asking questions and learn from others mistakes and successes.
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I learned by reading manuals and turning a wrench. Mistakes provided good practice
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Originally Posted by BowtieBelle View Post
Dude. I was joking. I was banned like 11 days ago and just got back; it had nothing to do with you. Even mentioning those forums in PM could get you banned here, thus why I said "dude you're trying to get me banned again." Simmer!
I also noticed your account suspension. Welcome back! And were you serious about mentioning another forum in a PM being grounds for suspension? I didn't know PM's were monitored.............
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Originally Posted by sam.u.el View Post
Not too long ago (about 3 years) I fell in love with classic american cars mostly from the late 60's early 70's. In that time I took a few classes at the community college and started my journey to learn more about cars. After the few classes I took I wanted to learn more so I bought and read magazines and books and researched a whole lot online and learned a bit from those that were car literate. All my knowledge (which isn't a lot to be honest) mosty revolves around classic cars/engines. Luckly for me, todays engines still operate the same way only with modern technology molded into them. After buying my camaro almost 4 months ago, I got to reading and researching everything camaro. I learn something everyday about these cars and the folks on here have been very helpful!

Sorry for blabbing.. I get carried away sometimes haha
Community college classes, I'll have to remember that... Thanks! I also don't know too much about cars... I don't have my camaro yet but will definitely want to learn to work on/mod it once I do get it.
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My build thread is dope.
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i knew nothing about cars until i found about this site
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Grew up in my dad's garage. I loved camaro's since I was a kid and he loved muscle cars. I can remember being about 4 years old and staring at the 3rd gen camaro from my dad's 70's thunderbird and knowing what it was and that it was "fast". My dad had a 1985 El Camino in the garage he worked on for about 20 years until he passed away that i can remember being out there watching him work on it learning everything. The two of us always did all the work on my 91 RS and 96 Z28 together. I learned it all from him up until I enrolled in college and he left for heaven. Now I learn from my professors, fellow techs, and from trial and error.
There is so much in this field to learn that no one knows everything. The technology is always changing so it's constantly a learning experience.
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Ozzie RS
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I know you are very thankful for the car. I say first of all sit down with your Dad and ask him what kind of mod's he would recommend. Definitely get him involved with modding the car, he did buy it for a reason if you know what I mean. If he doesn't have any ideas which I'm sure he will you might suggest both of you sit down in front of the computer screen on "Camaro 5" and look at some of the posts. Trust me, your Dad will be gone before you know it and this is the perfect time to bond with each other.
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I wasn't fortunate enough to have someone who was a car nut in my family or liked cars. So I started off by playing video games such as need for speed and gran turismo. It's not until I got my first car when I was 17. That I started to absolutely love cars. Now I learn whatever I can. Still learning a lot.
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