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trifecta e85 tune

Hey all. Was curious about this. Does anyone know the advantages and disadvantages? I've got a couple stations near me that carry it so I was this king of giving it a try. Does it Increase performance at all? Or is it similar to normal gasoline? If I'm tuned for e85 can I run normal gas if needed?

Thanks for any info!
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Disadvantages: Many people believe that running e85 in a car designed for gasoline will dry out fuel components and could essentially lead to damage in the future. (Many evo and other imports have been using e85 and nothing has happened... So its really just speculation).

Advantages: On our v6 it allows for almost a 15-20 hp increase and almost that much torque as well (if I remember correctly). Its really a good mod. You won't be able to use gasoline unless you load a gasoline tune before and vice versa.

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crazier than a coconut
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like lscamaro said:

cons: supposedly drys out the fuel system IG: rubber o-rings, gaskets, seals... you'll also hear that it attracts water. but seeing how our fuel systems are closed and pressurized, i don't see that as being a factor nowadays as it used to be in older fuel systems. im not 100% certain on the longevity of the seals and gaskets used, but they are deigned to take at least 10% ethanol in regular fuel blends. but i haven't verified the longevity of the fuel system with GM its still a risk. i had about 5,000mi's running E85 with no issues.

also, the fuel blends have a tendency to alter between summer and winter anywhere from 70%-85% ethanol which will throw off your LTFT's a bit. if you see temps below 50*, expect to have some hesitation during start up...the colder it gets the harder the start. but that all has to do with the evaporation point of E85. supposedly it is tuneable (according to other tuners), but my last conversation with Vince in regard to it is "its not tuneable".

expect you gas mileage to drop drastically. you won't be able to keep your foot out of it for the first month or so. once you get past that, your MPG's will go back up, (still not the same as gas) as you'll find you don't have to mash the peddle as much to get going. even though at one point i pulled 32mpgs on the highway doing 65 over a 10mi stretch. still avg'd 18-20 mixed city/hwy driving. closer to 15-16 just city driving though.

tuning: you'll want to have the tuning cable, which is pretty cheap now and your laptop available so you can easily swap back and forth between tunes. having 2 E85 stations locally available is nice, but if you're making a long road trip, you'll want to make sure you have the ability to swap back to octane. i've hit the E85 pump before to find out it was empty...not cool. just adds another 15min to your fill-up if you have to switch back over. i've never seen it as a i was more frustrated at the gas station.

pro's: more power and TQ, the sweet smell of ethanol, throatier lower exhaust note, cooler in cylinder temps, reduced KR, ability to advance timing even further, cleans your internals. best mod when considering $/HP. similar gains as if running 105-110 octane without the risk of melting a piston. even greater gains if you go FI with the ability to run more timing without the addition of a meth injection system as it naturally prevents detonation.

if you go that route, make sure you are monitoring your AFR via wideband...not a bad idea anyhow once you start modding.

good luck
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Great info guys! Appreciate it! What does the tune cost? Or is it just another tune I can request from them?
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It's a $100 retune cost
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