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Spare tire question

I'm writing this because I've already had a flat tire on my previous 2011 SS. I no longer have it, and have a ZL1 now. My question is, I'm trying to verify if what I've heard is true, that you can fit a small gm spare tire in the trunk, however with some sort of spacer because of the bembro calipers!
My objective, having already experienced this is to get this small spare tire, leave it in the car, just enough to get me home, and I have a full sized regular tire and rim at home in my garage that I can use until i get my tire repaired.

The way i understand this works is, u take the flat tire off, bold on the spacer, then bolt the spare to the spacer. The spacer gives the spare enough clearence to clear the brake calipers.

So once again, the main question is, if i aquire the gm spare, jack, and associated hardware to keep in the car, can i get this spacer somewhere for that tire to fit the car?

This will be for very short term, just to get me home to put the full sized spare on. If i take any long trip, i'll bring the full sized spare in the trunk!

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This would be great if it works, but the rear Brembos are so large, I don't see how a spacer would fix the clearance problem. Will the spacer idea work on the SS?
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ask Maureen at Rodgers Chevrolet. I purchased a full size (8in) polished ss wheel and tire to put in my wifes 2010 ss or my z when we go very far. She mentioned the spacer when I talked with her about a month ago.
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If you use a spacer doesn't it reduce the threads available for the nut to tighten down properly?
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The wheel studs hold the spacer on. The spacer has studs in it to hold the wheel on. There are 5 countersunk holes and 5 studs on the spacer.

What thickness does this spacer need to be? What is the part # for the wheel/tire assy?
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