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Old 06-03-2009, 01:37 PM   #1
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Tags 2002 Camaro SS FOR SALE (SOLD!)


I never thought I'd see this thread go up.....:(

But, my buyer (the previous owner) might be having some issues. I'm not sure how or why, since I have not been able to get in touch with him. He told me last week that he was going to get his financing started and would get back with me. I've known him for some time...which has me thinking maybe something happened??...I don't know. Anyway....In case something with him DID happen, I think I need to get this started. I'd hate to have to fly out to Carlisle and not have this sold. Either way, Carlisle and picking up my new car is a go. I'd just like to have this one sold before flying out...

Now, on to the car with a little history...

I bought the 2002 SS back in December of 2005 with 18,200 miles on the odometer. I paid $18,400 for it getting one heck of a deal. I had found two identical SS's on ebay...identical in every way, except for the fact that the one in Corpus Christi had more miles on it. I want to say, ....25,000? I called them and the dealer told me they sold it the day before for $21,800. I went back to the guy that had my car for sale asking him about it. He took it off ebay and sold it to me so he could buy the new boat he wanted for that upcoming summer.

I want to say I was the 3rd owner. If I remember correctly, the first owner put 10,000 miles on it and traded it in back to the dealer. The person I bought it from saw it on the lot and picked it up right away. He put the remaining 8k or so miles on it in the one year he owned it. At that time, I had my GM guy run the warranty info and only the window motor and fog light had been replaced. No carfax info was found on the car. I flew up to find the car in immaculate condition perfectly detailed. I took it over to the dealer for a thorough inspection and they found nothing wrong with the car. I picked it up right away.

I drove it back to San Antonio, quickly getting the miles up to 19,500 and had 20k miles on it within the first week....yeah...I was enjoying it! Since then, the SS has been a daily commuter for me to get to work and back...about a 12 minute drive each way. It has been on a couple trips down to the coast, a couple trips up to Dallas, over to Houston, Austin, and one loooong trip out to Indy (ya'll saw the pix on that one!).

It has never been wrecked.

It has never been repainted.

It is flawless in it's mechanical condition.

The paint isn't too shabby either. It does have a few rock chips from the highway and a couple scratches into the clear coat...nothing out of the norm or boldy ugly. I'll try to take a pic or two and see it I can get them to show up.


49,000 miles

Added SLP options were:
35th Anniversary Chrome 17" 10 spoke wheels
SLP Dual/Dual Exhaust
SLP front facia
Hurst Short Throw Shifter

Let's see....what have I done to the car....

First, there are NO engine modifications done. Never have as it's still under warranty. Oh yeah...that's another thing...the warranty.... (but I'll get to that later).

Since I purchased the car, it's been Mobile 1 synthetic for every oil change.

I've added:
SLP CAI (cold air intake)
SLP Mass Air Flow Sensor
SLP Smooth Bellows
K&N Air Filter

External Mods:
Front clear corners (NEW as of 05/09)
Rear clear side blinkers (NEW as of 05/09)
Chrome SS badging on sides and rear
Chrome fill in "Camaro" letters on rear tail panel
Skip Shift Eliminator

I spent a little over a grand at the beginning of last month getting:

NEW BFGoodrich g-force sport tires
NEW Chrome SS center caps (OEM)
NEW SLP hood insert (OEM)
NEW 3rd brake light (OEM)
NEW window tint on all 4 windows

The Camaro runs PERFECTLY. There are NO mechanical issues....which brings me to.......

I purchased an extended warranty from Warranty Direct after buying the car. It is the Major Car Coverage. I like piece of mind, so....

Should the purchaser of this car wish to keep the warranty, there is a $100 transfer fee to the new buyer which is paid to Warranty Direct. This will continue the warranty until it expires.

The warranty expiration is either 05/09/2010 or 75,000 miles...whichever comes first. So, there's a little reassurance there won't be issues when buying the SS....not only do you know the seller (ME!), but you know there is a warranty to back up my statement that the car is in perfect mechanical condition.

I have all stock parts for the car (not like many things were changed anway...). But, front and side lights have been kept. Original airbox is in the attic. I have a replacement center console from the old Z28 the buyer can take if they want. I have a set of new Hawk HPS front brake pads I'll include with the car. I'm pretty sure the stock MAF is in the attic too.

I'm going to post up previous pictures for now from the last "photo shoot" I did a while back. I need to go out and Zaino it getting it all clean. So, for now, this is pretty much how it looks (add in clear rears, new SS center caps on the wheels, new tires, new hood insert, and new tint...).

I think that's it for now. If I remember anything else I wanted to add in, I'll edit the post and add the info.

I know everyone wants to know price. The current buyer (whom I can't get a hold of - hope he's okay) and I agreed on $15k. If he pops up and calls me back saying financing is secured, this sale will be automatically closed. There's no work on the car to be done and it's got the warranty for $100. You know I don't track it (I've done it once at San Antonio Raceway since I've owned the car...ran a 12.88 1/4 mile). ...and you know it's taken care of.

So, for those wanting to get into the speed n' power of a 5th gen, but can't yet afford the $35k-$40k price tag of the 1SS to 2SS, this is the perfect alternate option. It ain't too shabby lookin' either.

I'm going to head out and detail it now. I'll post up new pix of new tires, etc later.

Any questions, feel free to ask away.

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Old 06-03-2009, 01:49 PM   #2
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I though the previous owner was gonna buy it?

Wow, That's gotta be bitter sweet to see her go...
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Old 06-03-2009, 01:59 PM   #3
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I know, man...I'm at a loss too.

Well...the guy was jumping out of the phone elated that he was going to get it back. He said he regretted the day he let it go and wished every day that he could get it back. I talked to him at the end of April and he was ready to fly down to pick it up. I had to tell him a few times that I needed it for my daily driver and would be ready at the beginning of June...I was just letting him know that I was going to have to sell it.

I talked to him a couple times since then and there were still no issues at all. He said his bank would want him to have 20% of what he needed, there shouldn't be a problem, he was 99% sure he was going to do it, and if not, he would not leave me hanging last minute. Well, I honestly don't know what's happened with him. Seriously....I hope he's all right. It's getting to be last minute and I can't get him on the phone to see if he's secured his loan. So, this is the beginning of my back up plan.

I'm getting ready to hit up Craigslist and ebay to get some advertising going. This sucks. Everything WAS squared away. I hope nothing bad happened to him....eek....
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Old 06-03-2009, 02:03 PM   #4
Dr Jkel
and MR. HYDE
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Very Nice Car, Very Nice
MUSTANG...Like Bringing a Hot Dog to a Steak Dinner....There is no comparison.
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Old 06-03-2009, 02:07 PM   #5
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Originally Posted by Dr Jekel View Post
Very Nice Car, Very Nice
Thanks. I think it's finally starting to sink in that I'm not going to have this SS anymore. This actually sucks.......

Man.....I wish I could keep it.......:(
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nice car g/l on the sale


1992 Camaro Rs Convertible
2011 Camaro 1lt Rs
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Old 06-03-2009, 02:21 PM   #7
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I know the feeling... sold my 70 Firebird Formula about 8 years ago... Had it since 1978... Tough go but sometimes the garage needs a little space. Good luck with the sale.
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Old 06-03-2009, 03:20 PM   #8
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Thanks. I'm going to try giving my bud another call here in a bit. Hopefully it all works out.
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Old 06-03-2009, 04:27 PM   #9
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Ok. Ran out to detail it and it looks like it's going to pour down rain. So...holding off for now and got sidetracked into tightening up the parking brake and well...those Hawk HPS pads are no longer going to come with the car......

....they are going to come installed ON the car....

And this was the perfect opportunity to take some new tire pix.

Here they are....

Oh...and I tossed on the SLP Chrome center caps as well...

...first pic is w/ the faded SS Chrome cap
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Old 06-03-2009, 04:45 PM   #10

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It's super clean and mean.
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Old 06-03-2009, 06:14 PM   #11
The Krazzy bytch
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Tag I will give ya $1 for it

Its got alot of problems One of it being BLACK lol.

NOT Doing no more black cars anylonger.
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Current current list lol 2006 Silverado 2500hd.
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Old 06-03-2009, 07:05 PM   #12
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Yep. Keeping a black car clean is a PAIN IN THE @SS! But, when it's clean, there's none other like it.

I'm cleaning it up now...and it is HOT out. TOO hot. I think I'm just going to leave all the amp wires in place when I sell it. Pre-wired...can't complain about that. That'll make it easier on me and on the buyer.
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Old 06-03-2009, 08:32 PM   #13
One slick 2010 Black 2SS
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Dang Tag, if I didn't have a 2010 black SS on the way you would be putting a sold sign on that one. Wish I had the extra cash to take it. I had a special order 86 beauty that got totaled thanks to a 16 year old hitting me head on after serving me for 12 great years. Damn I would love to have it back again. That one is a fine ride. I will trade you a kidney for it. LOL
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Old 06-03-2009, 09:10 PM   #14

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Does it still come with the Mickey Mouse ears on the antenna?

Good luck on the sale and I hope that guy gets back to you. If I had the $$ I would be very interested.
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