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Drives: 2015 AGM !LE
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Stormcloak's '15 2SS 1LE

I decided to keep track of things here, though my build (as far as I have planned anyhow) isn't nearly as radical as many of the other cars here.

After a rather lengthy bout of comparison shopping and investigating about what car to buy from the several I had in contention, I managed to find this 2015 AG 1LE at a nice discounted price. Test drove it on Columbus day, signed the papers and drove again to the dealer to pick it up that following Saturday. Here's a shot of the car that day:

It's got about 1000 miles on it so far, and I absolutely love the car. By far the nicest, best handling, and quickest car I've ever owned.

First mods weren't really mods at all, but initial ownership prep. I invested in new cleaning supplies, waxes, a few tools, and replacements for all the fluids. At around 700 miles I gave the car its first oil and transmission fluid change. Mobil 1 and Redline D4 respectively.

I used a set of Race Ramps for this process, and will absolutely admit that upon unboxing them, I didn't believe that they'd do the job. However, they proved to be absolutely fine, and the 2 piece assembly certainly helps out once you're under the car:

I still have the differential fluid to change, but am waiting on that as I want to do one other change to the car at the same time... probably over the Thanksgiving weekend if the weather stays agreeable.

Up next was a debadging session. I know some folks don't like the idea of doing this, but I'm a fan of cars looking clean and as un-cluttered as possible. A heat gun, fishing line, rubbing alcohol, cleaner wax, and some elbow grease yielded perfect results. I found that goo-gone was largely ineffective in doing much of anything, honestly. Apologies for the awful pic:

Current Mod list

ZL1 Addon's rock guards - purchased, need to install

ZL1 Addon's tow hook / plate holder combo - purchased, need to install: The dealer unfortunately decided to put the front plate holder on this car, which I couldn't stand the look of. I dremeled the rivets off it, the paint right above the plate holder was un-damaged by it thankfully. This kit wasn't the cheapest solution, but is very well designed, and serves 2 purposes, so it was a no brainer. I'll do a full write up once it's installed and link it here as well.

Elite Engineering v2 catch can - purchased, need to install. I did just receive this in the mail, and it looks to be a top quality item as well.

replacement lower grille - purchased from GMPartsDirect, just waiting for it to arrive.

Future Mod List:

Roto-fab air intake system: ordered

Stainless works retro chambered catbacks: ordered

Winter rim / tire package: undecided. This winter the car will probably not be driven much at all, but this is a DD vehicle for me, so will have to get a setup for next year certainly.

Recaro sport seats: This is the one option I really really wish this car had come with. The price of these is kind of absurd, so I would guess that this will be one of the last things done to the vehicle.

Quantum brake ducts / Z06 calipers: The worth of these mods will need to be weighed against how much track time I get to put in I suppose. As of right now, I do feel that the stock brakes are capable, but could be better. A shout out to Dropspeed and others for the brake solution information they've supplied here.

Z-28 upper grille: Will finish the debadging process, but given the cost for this piece vs it almost being an almost entirely cosmetic upgrade, this too will be one of the last changes made to the car.

SRP pedal set: I find heel-toe in this car to be a bit more of a pain than it should be, and part of that is because of the distance between the gas / brake. This kit should solve that.

I'll update this thread more in the next few weeks, but once I install all the parts I already have, that will likely be it for me until springtime.

Happy motoring!

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