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Old 12-14-2012, 10:17 PM   #15
Roof expert detail noob
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Sorry to hear Sandy kicked your ass. I can only assume that you live on the south shore with all the flooding that went on down there. I'm on the north shore and lost 9 trees in front of my house. Luckily not one hit my month old Camaro as I do not have a garage!!

All in all you made a great decision with a 2LT and I wish yah luck with her.
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Chris C
End Of Line.
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Thanks everyone! I had about 3-4 inches of water in my house, it was ridiculous. I don't think anything has scared me like that before. But things are back to normal for the most part, hopefully this isn't a trend that will continue to happen.

Nice to see some Mustang love here too! It's cool that there's a rivalry between both cars and everything but it's great to see that there are also some people that can appreciate both of them. Usually it's one or the other for most people...
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Sorry for the circumstances of your switch but welcome to the family. Hope to see you around!
FASTER than my SS....for now

2500HD (with a couple parts)

Originally Posted by Coyotekiller View Post
I wonder if this could be why my car idles like its retarded...
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Chevrolet Customer Svc

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Originally Posted by Chris C View Post
Hey guys, I joined the forum recently since I got the Camaro. I've read through many of the threads that ended up helping me make my decision, and many of the members here are knowledgeable and helpful. Not to mention these are some of the funniest comments I have seen in awhile , I definitely like this forum better than the Mustang forum I was on before.

Onto the story...

I got a V6 Automatic 2012 Kona Blue Ford Mustang a year ago as a present for Graduation last year. I'm pretty laid back and Kona Blue was the perfect color for me. It was exactly what I wanted, it had all the neat add-on's that Ford offers and everything. Club of America package, baseball stitching, leather seating, navigation, bluetooth, glass roof, all the goods. I'd like to have a V8 but it's costly for gas and I don't think I need that much power right now since this car was my DD.

When Hurricane Sandy hit, my family and I had no expectation of the hurricane being as bad as it was. It flooded our cars, which meant the Mustang was no more. It was a huge bummer for me because I babied that car for a year and took care of it really well. Luckily, the insurance covered the car so I could afford to get another one. Enter the Camaro...

The time came to decide what car I wanted to get, and the same two names that came up last year came up again this year; Mustang/Camaro. While I had the Mustang, I still over a Camaro every time I saw one . I guess it was a sign I wanted to switch over, even though my pro's and con's list of both cars showed that the Mustang was the better car for me. I gave in, and got a Camaro of similar level to my Mustang. 2LT, navigation, baseball stitching steering wheel, Inferno Orange leather Interior, sunroof, etc.

I've had the Camaro for a week now and I'm already much happier than I was with the Mustang. That doesn't change the fact that I still love my Mustang (yes, it is possible to like both of them ). Glad I made this choice and i'm looking forward to owning this one for more than a year!

I'd love to add more, like what I prefer in the Camaro over the Mustang, etc., but I think I've said enough for one post haha! Thanks for all the helpful information members have provided on here.
We are happy to have you as part of the Camaro family now! Congratulations!

Chevrolet Customer Service
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Back in a V8 ;)
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Welcome to the family!

Very sharp car. I looked at trading up to a '13 IOM RS last weekend myself, but ultimately I think I'm holding out for an older model SS

And just my personal opinion, I think your IOM is much sharper than the Mustang
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I also switched from a mustang to a camaro. Never been happier about a decision. I just didn't belong in the mustang. Nice car, just wasn't for me.
Have yet to mod my camaro. Been trying to hold off but it just keeps itching.
Good luck and enjoy whatever mods you decide to do, but most of all enjoy the car to the fullest
Originally Posted by Jorge_ss View Post
Hola! Abra alguien q hable español? Tengo una pregunta pienso cambiarle a mi camaro ss 2013 el sistema de escape (headers,xpipe,mofles,etc) solo que iré paso a paso que m recomiendan empezar? Con unos mofles magnaflow o meterle xpipe y quitarle catalizadores? (Recuerden q en México no es ilegal)

Saludos a todos y es el mejor foro de camaro
Originally Posted by firedrop View Post
yo quiero taco bell
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Welcome - sweet ride!!! Enjoy it and drive safely!!!

I am on the same opinion - I respect the mustang (even though I have not owned one) but I am really happy with the Camaro! I have driven my friend's mustang 302 boss and I found it to be good but I still like mine more
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Sorry to hear about the Mustang but glad to have you here. Congrats! Enjoy the ride!
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Was there ever any doubt? Enjoy!
If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space.
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That was a nice looking Mustang - IMO that's the best color. As others have stated I'm sorry about the path it took to get your Camaro but welcome to C5!
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Emerald Coast Camaros
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Welcome to Camaro land!! Dig in and enjoy!!
-White Mary thread [COTW 6/11/12] :

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Originally Posted by Chris C View Post
I liked the way the Mustang handled a bit more than the Camaro, but the Camaro can hold it's own really well, and I haven't even had the car for more than a week!

Oh trust me, I can tell it's a money guzzler here haha. I had no interest in modding my Mustang, but the threads here already have me excited with the amount of great mods that are available for the Camaro. I just hope this doesn't become anything more than a small hobby haha.
It's time for you to turn you card in from the Mustang forum.But don't do it in person , send it in by mail with no return address .
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Welcome to CAMARO5, Glad to know you are OK !!!

As everything in life, something bad had to happen for a good thing to come out.

Enjoy, and be safe !!
"Hey, you want to lay the fate of the world on the kid's Camaro? That's cool." Agent Simmons (S7) TF 1
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