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Anyone not like hybrids???

Count me in for sure...

Even though it's a simple fact that diesel-engined cars get more miles per gallon than equilavent gasoline-powered ones, convincing new car buyers in America to make the switch is proving difficult. As a new study conducted this month by Kelley Blue Book has found, more new car buyers rank hybrids (40 percent), hydrogen (20), and flex-fuel (17) systems as " most likely to succeed in becoming a mainstream vehicle powertrain type" than diesels (6). That's an amazingly low number for diesel, in my opinion, considering that diesel fuel is available today pretty much anywhere but E85 and hydrogen are pretty scarce. Still, KB says that, "Interest in diesels is steadily declining among in-market new-vehicle shoppers, while interest in hybrids continues to grow." The old worries that diesel vehicles are smelly and dirty remain lodged in customers' minds, and "shoppers increasingly believe that diesel-powered vehicles get poorer fuel mileage than conventional gasoline engines."

Man, just think of the steep hill that VW and Mercedes and all the other diesel-makers who will be bringing diesel cars to the U.S. in the coming years have to climb. If words like Bluemotion and urea injection and Bluetec don't catch on with U.S. car buyers, what will these companies decide to do?
I bet most of the people included in this pole rely on the media as their primary source of "news" and information, and just all about the short sighted media ever posts about cars today is "hybrids" this this or that. If Americans knew the benefits of Ethanol (Cellulosic ethanol) those numbers would be quite different from what you see here.

*Dang-it!!! I wanted to make this a poll.
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Mr. Wyndham
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I like 'em (especially the Tahoe, Silverado, Big Truck types)...but I don't see them as a major solution to ANY fuel problems....that's ludicrous.
And you're right about the polling base, too I'd wager.
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This is a great find.

I think diesel is a great improvement, but there are more environmentally friendly options under consideration. With these newer considerations growing in efficiency, I'm sure that soon they'll be as capable with less negative environmental impacts when compared to gas or diesel.

As a car enthusiast, I'm torn. I really love my horsepower and style, and these new cars are looking weird and boosting torque in old Honda numbers. I would love to see a really fast, environmentally friendly sports car with easy fuel replacement, like gas, and mainstream style—none of this weird, futuristic styling. It should look like a car, and it should drive like a modern car. So far, only gas and diesel fit this category, and, while diesel does far better in the emissions department, less emissions are always better.
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Considering diesel is GM's most neglected fuel saving solution, this is good news for GM.
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Diesel has cleaned up alot, and my brother just bought 2 VW's. They were used and he got them for a bit more than $500, one is a driveable car and the other is for parts to keep the other running. He plans on running it on biodiesel. These are the first import of any kind that he has bought. Why? to save on gas.

The other advantage to diesel is that it makes more torque than you would ever need, typically 50% higher torque than horsepower, sometimes as much as 100% more. So in a car you could have 300 hp, but 500 ft lbs of torque, with most lots of it at the low end.
Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
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i'll take a Diesel before a Hybrid any day
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