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Old 04-13-2010, 07:37 AM   #51
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Ok. I just got off the phone with GM Customer Service. The first step that all of you have to do is contact your dealer (that you got the car from) to make the case known. Then contact GM customer care to open a trouble ticket. The paint is covered under warranty and if a defect is the cause then it will get repaired. I informed the Customer Service rep. that i have these bubbles and paint issues in spots where i would have to be standing and tossing rocks, to get the marks. He understood. I told him that several of my fellow owners are having the same issue, he stated that this is a reoccurring issue that they are taking on a case by case basis. I will be heading to my dealership tomorrow to make them aware and he said he will follow up with my dealer and call me on Thursday. So for all of you go to your dealer first, then open a ticket with GM, and begin the process of getting the issue resolved. I'll let you all know how it goes.
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This may have been triggered by rubbing but there is definitely and adhesion problem. My guess is if you take 2" 3m automotive tape and place a piece over the peeling area, press dow hard and then rip it off it will take some paint with it. The rear cover needs to be removed and the edge of the peeling area sanded back into the paint. If it will featheredge back then it may just be the edges are effected. If not, then the whole cover has an issue. Any good auto painter can handle this. GM should pick up the tab. They will with mine god forbid it happens.
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Folks -- Please eMail me if your concerns are not addressed. I work in the Customer Care and Aftersales team and we want all of our customers to be satisfied with their dealer experience. The key is to get the case number when you call customer service -- that's the way we can track everything and follow-up with you in a timely manner. And, it's a way we can provide direct feedback to the paint team to correct any issues that may be detected.

Thanks for being such enthusiastic customers!

--John M. McDonald
GM Communications
Customer Care and Aftersales
Grand Blanc, MI
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Originally Posted by 67/10 RS/SS View Post
We have the same problem. Victory red, it started on one side and has now moved to the other. Dealer is reviewing it and talking to GM. They are suspecting an alignment issue and not necessarily a paint/prep problem. All the flaking is down in the joint between the bumper and quarter and all flaking is on the bumper (plastic). The bottom line, the bumper won't rust, and they will have to fix it as long as we own the car now that it is documented. Lemon? nah..just an inconvenience.
What is there to review? There are close to 1000 posts on this board alone that reference the same issue. I took mine back in for another item back in October (front bowtie glue was coming off - another "common" problem) and MY DEALER knew about the paint chipping from the fender being to tight and pointed it out to me (even though I looked for it that week and could not find it - my car is black).
Any dealer who tells you they need to "review" it is wasting your time and should not be selling these cars. I haven't even had mine fixed yet because the dealer told me to drive it for awhile to see if it gets worse (it is the size of a match head). It hasn't and I am probably going to do what others have recommended and just hit it with touch up.
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Do a search

Originally Posted by ZombieEatsYou View Post
Let me get this straight. 30,000 Camaros so far and only two pages of problems on this thread? I, for one, have found NOTHING wrong with mine. No pinging, clicking, peeling, poking, protruding, or popping.

Not dismissing anyone who has found flaws, but let's keep this in perspective.

That is just this thread....there are 37 others (as of today) with this same issue. Do the math cuz each one has at least ten complaints, some have 30 (may be doubles). Either way, this is an issue and GM knows it.

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Old 04-19-2010, 06:50 AM   #56
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Originally Posted by bobbyjpgh View Post
K, I got mine back last wk from my dealers body shop. They repainted both sides of the bumper but again it's peeling off. I have to take it back on the 27th to be redone again. After the 3rd attempt I beleive it's considered a lemon. I hate to say it but if it's not fixed this time I'm getting my money back. I love my car but GM is dropping the ball on QC w this car, one issue after another and they keep trying a quick fix to remedy it. I paid cash for my car and waited like the rest of u so long for the car to come out. But when I could have bought whatever I wanted and opted for this I never expected so many issues. I'm trying to be patient but GM needs to fix these issues at the plant and if not have a better gameplan for QC!
Bobby, The fact that the repaint did not work is not the cars fault. The shop doing the work did not use the correct process. Plastic requires different materials and prep to get a good result. We use Standox paint ( German) at our shop and if the process is done correctly I can make paint stick to any plastic. Find out what brand paint the shop uses and get back to me. I can advise from there if you want.
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hmm what are your production numbers that have this issue?

i have no problem with my car so far... 4100 miles.
think im safe?

has anyone had pealing by the front bumpers?
my gaps up front ar pretty tight..
"Letty" Murdered out 2013 Camaro 1LE. (Old car SIM 2010 2SS/RS)
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Old 11-24-2010, 09:14 PM   #58
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Thumbs down paint issues

I as well am having paint issues. I bought this car after dreaming about it for 2 years and the day after i bought it started finding a mix of places that looked something between fisheyed and orange peel. Clear coat bubbling something that reesembled a zit looking thing. After repainting half of car its back for its 7th visit to have more paint work done. Talked with GM and all they wanna do is fix it and blame it on acid rain?????? Who would buy a new car and pay this much and expect to have to repaint it within a month? I am so aggravated! Any ideas?
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Old 10-07-2012, 09:43 PM   #59
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Wow, this thread is freaking me out. I bought a new 2013 black 2LS three weeks ago, and the paint is fantastic. I guess GM has fixed the paint problem.
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Zombie thread!!! Nooooooooooooooo!
I've known how to spell Camaro since before you were born.
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