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Real. No clone. It looks decent...
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Originally Posted by RatRacer View Post
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I peronally would never do this but it doesnt look that bad compared to some of the others.
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i wish people wouldnt do this to ZL1s..if your going to murder the basic style of a camaro, dont do it to a ZL1.
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I love how poeple make this video's like the car is somehow "tricked out". so you got boat anchor 24's that make the car prefrome worse. a bunch of gold that went out in the 70's.

for that amout of money they could have had a 700hp car.

epic fail.
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Camaro Fred
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Looks like a pimp mobile. Teams of engineers work aerodynamics, center of gravity calculations, and tune the magnetic suspension of a ZL1 based on a specially designed Goodyear tire using a specific size rim, and someone actually thinks they can improve on this? It goes to show they have no idea what goes into a ZL1. We must accept there are different levels of intelligence amongst us and be PC by saying "To each his own".
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The gold wheels give it that Lowrider Magazine centerfold appeal. Now it just needs a hot Latina chich posing next to it.
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Lil' Nasty
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i'll take the stock rims
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as long as the owner likes it...
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Red bolt
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Work harder
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Gold all in my Chain....
Gold all in my Ranggggssss...
Gold all in my Watch.....

How dare he not get the Key Hole dipped in Gold also... Saddam Hussein is turning in his grave rite now....
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Right, right.
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Im sorry but that is awful. Wheel design is terrible, gold looks terrible, and all the other colors on the car look bad when combined with one another.
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I dont see what the problem is!!!! If I were to fork over ANY cash for a car like this I should be able to make ME (the owner/driver) happy... be it 600+hp, custom wheels or paint... doesnt matter what car or trim!!! With that being said... not the best paint for the car, hope your also going to cutsom that... My taste would be black, crystal red, brown or blue... just my 2 cents. I also think the 24's sit nicely and would NOT have gone any bigger if it were my ride. Lastly, in KCMO there arent many places to test the limits of my 1LT let alone a ZL1; so who cares how much work goes into making this car or how much better it performes than any other car. However prior to hitting ANY track, everything stock would be back on it... UNTIL THEN, chin up and keep shittn on'em!!! # wishing I had a ZL1
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<<< Speechless.
Quote of the year, from 6.1hemi:
"I just wanted to type some junk cause I am having some beers and I really like cars."
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I personally like it.. The only thing ugly and does not belong on that car is the bowties..

At least it blends well IMO of course..

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I would never do this, but in reality it doesn't look bad.

I've seen alot worse.
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