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Drives: 2013 1LS Inferno Orange Camaro
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2013 1LS IOM Camaro (Asuka)

This Thread is dedicated to my 2013 1LS IOM Camaro. I bought her brand new in July of 2013. I have been lurking on the site since I bought her and finally decided to say hello. HELLO! I have done a few mods to my Camaro already (as listed below) but do plan to do more in the future. Now as for my Camaro she has had a few names so far, all of which my girlfriend gave, they were Nemo (from Finding nemo) and Charmder (my car is not a Poke'mon), but to be honest I was never sold on the names any way as the car's personality didn't match any of those characters. After driving her for a few weeks her personality shown through in a big way and that is why her name is now and forever will be Asuka. Asuka is my favorite Character from one of my favorite shows (Neon Genesis Evangelion). In the show she is a very feisty girl who would sooner punch you in the face rather than let you hold her hand, but then in the middle of the night she would still want you to hold her until morning came, though she would expect you not to say anything about it afterward. I can't really explain why this character fits my car so well but when I thought about it I couldn't argue with myself... I should also mention it might have had something to do with the characters orange/red hair and blue eyes, and that she pilots a giant red and orange robot, all while in a form fitting suit that is red with black lines and a touch of green and orange.

I don't have time at the moment to do a full run down of the car with pictures and other details of my mod progress, so for the time being here is a list of what I have done plus one picture to satisfy:

Those are the two things I love most in my life.

***List updated (but not quite accurate) 04.14.2014***

Current Mods:
Bowties- Black (currently tested via plasti dip)
Front Blackout (currently tested via plasti dip)
Windows- Tinted
Tailights- Sequential turn signal Harness

LED dome/trunk lights
Dyed stitching (Orange)
2 10" Boss Audio Subs (P106DVC)
******** dual rear fire box with rear seat opening bowtie panel
1000 Watt Kenwood class D mono amplifier (Kac-8105D)


Future/wanted mods:
Catch Can
possibly headers
Painted engine cover
Hood stripe or spears
Rear and front blackouts
Spyder LED Tail Lights (Black)
RS style halo lights
ZL1 style grill with custom badge replacing ZL1 badge
Painted door panels
Possibly others

The day I bought it (picture just sent from my girlfriend, also hey look it's me!).

And also a few months back I managed to get my first COLD AIR INTAKE LOL


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Drives: '11 VR 2LT HHr
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Welcome And Congrats on your Iom/1LS !!
You got some good mods so far.
Keep going and make her your own !

I got my 1LT in July 2013 also.
2011 Hhr
Formerly known as Silver85IrocZ !!

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"Welcome to the party, pal."
-John McClane
"You simply cannot trust quotes found on the internet." -Abraham Lincoln
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Nice upgrades! Keep 'em coming!!
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Drives: 2013 1LS Inferno Orange Camaro
Join Date: Apr 2014
Location: Utah
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Update to current mods (with photos)

Here are a couple of pictures with the orange dyed stitching

First thing I tested with the dye

Left is dyed right is stock

Here is what I used

Here are some pictures of my plasti dip test... My edges need some help but I ran out of time over the weekend to fix them... guess I know what I am doing next weekend.

And finally some photos from my failed plasti dip hood spears....

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