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Originally Posted by CamaroScotty View Post
As long as these words aren't in your vocabulary:



Whats wrong with "right on?"
- X
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You seem a lot like me when i was your age, wasnt too long ago. Im 16 now and im pushing for a joint camaro purchase with my dad next year. Hes not a big car guy, but understands that its something i really care about. He had two camaros (67, 77 Z28) when he was young, so i always tell him that i deserve the same. =D
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Originally Posted by ljustin293 View Post
yea really?

any way..get a job like I did at 16 and SAVE!! it CAN happen!!

Awesome man! I wish I got to drive a Z06.
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thank you all for the support. i am starting to save for a new camaro and a bunch of other cars i plan to have in my collection.
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Originally Posted by Jekyll-N-Hyde View Post
I remember back when I was in school when they had a police officer come in and talk to us about this kind of stuff. You sound just like him
He sounds like he is a very intelligent man!

What I say comes from the heart and from my personal experience. I see the entire spectrum everyday. In my district, I have everything from multimillion dollar homes to section 8 where mom lives there with grandma and 7 kids. The carpet is FILTHY and cockroaches are scurrying up and down the walls....I mean...FILTH.

I've come to an understanding that not all people are created equal in the sense of families and upbringing.....but....

We choose our OWN paths.... you CHOOSE to live your life is up to you....

..........and there will be MANY people who try to lead you down the wrong path many, many times..... And you MUST know when that time is and do the RIGHT matter WHAT!

It's YOUR life.

Do NOT let anyone else ruin it! my soapbox.
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