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VMax Ported Throttlebody Review

Hey everybody,

I just installed the VMax Ported Throttle body on my stock Camaro and I just wanted to give a review since I think the majority of the people who have throttle body reviews also have quite a few mods. I like to think that this gives a more honest perspective of how the mod affect's the car's performance.

First off, for all of those who are concerned about the difficulty of doing this mod. Don't be. It is incredibly easy. All you have to do is take off the engine cover (which is accomplished by removing the oil cap), unscrew your intake clamp using a flathead screw driver, unscrew four bolts with a 10mm ratchet and then unplug a wire on the bottom of the throttle body that is fairly easy to reach.

I installed this mod at 8pm at night, after coming home from work. The engine was still hot from being driven, and I had a flashlight in my mouth the whole time. The whole process took about 20 minutes, the vast majority of that time was spent finding my tools and figuring out how to pop the Camaro's hood (I had actually never done this before). This was also my first ever mod and I am a college student if that makes any difference to anybody haha.

What makes the ported throttlebody different from the stock throttlebody is the smooth surface on the inside of the component. It's hard to really notice it on all of the pictures that people post unless you have seen one in real life. Once you get your hands on a ported throttle body you can feel the difference and you think to yourself "Oh yeah this would make the car go faster"

Speaking of going faster, how DOES this mod affect the car's performance? Well everyone says that it improves this thing called "throttle response" which is probably the technically correct term for this, but to me that term is ambiguous as hell and I had no idea what to expect. Furthermore, when looking at the dyno chart and things like that I noticed that there are some pretty decent torque gains at the lower end and I was trying to figure out how I should expect all of this to feel.

Well let's put it this way. With the stock throttle body at lower speeds/RPM's the Camaro feels sluggish. You won't notice this if all you have driven is a stock Camaro so this may be hard to imagine but the RPM gauge seems to rise slowly or as if it is fighting against gravity and you can feel the car somewhat roughly switching between gears in order to get up to speed (at least on an automatic that is). With the throttle body this goes away. You can see your RPM gauge simply rise and fall very smoothly, and at lower RPM's your car seems to get up to speed without feeling rough shifts or feeling like the engine is working or having a hard time at those lower RPM's. When starting from absolute zero you can also get your car to "move" by tapping on the pedal more lightly as opposed to having to rev to 2k or 2.5k RPM's rapidly. I attribute this to more torque being available at the low end. It's not a kind of "push you in the back of your seat" kind of torque that is now available but a "hey, the car's wheels are moving a lot easier" kind of torque.

I also noticed that when I floor the pedal there is a good second or so before the car gauges how much it needs to accelerate and let's the torque kick and let the RPM's fly. Now when I floor the car that response time is down to about half a second.

If you are expecting high end power or for your car to feel super sporty or aggressive after this mod, you are unfortunately expecting too much from this little guy. However, what this mod does is truly make your acceleration feel smoother and at lower RPM's or instances where your car is getting up to speed from 0, it feels like your car is barely working (in a good way) and it also feels like the car does a smoother/ more natural job of decelerating.

All in all it is a great mod, and makes a nice improvement on an otherwise stock car. Aside from waiting for a throttle body to become available, it is an awesome mod and totally worth it for the money.
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Henry G.
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Well said. Its a driveability thing, the car snaps now.
From my cold dead hands......
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Reading this thread has made up my mind. I HAVE to have one!
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+ 1 ...I drove my car to work today with the vmax on for the first time it is much smoother I have a v6 with a m6 .its well worth the money
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Apex Motorsports
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Great write up. You bring up a good point that there is a lot of terminology we use that people new to cars may not understand. There are a lot of smart asses around here but don't ever be afraid to ask. Send me a PM if you want and I'll do my best to explain.
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John Deere Racer

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Cheapest part for our cars that make more hp

2013 ZL1 M6 black on black 10 spokes

592rwhp 616rwtq bolt ons only
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JDP Sales

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Nice wright up! I like your explanation.

Originally Posted by John Deere Racer View Post
Cheapest part for our cars that make more hp

Agreed, definitely a great bang for the buck!

Best regards,


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Angrybird 12
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I agree with your review 100%
Cancer's a bitch! Enjoy life while you can! LIVE, LOVE, DRIVE...CAMARO!

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Ivan @ Southwest Speed
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Wow...prolly the best review I've seen yet. Thank you for the time and support!

Love hearing the "testimonials...." Doesn't get any better than that!

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Matt @ FSP
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Great review/testimonial to the product.. I will admit years ago I was a ported TB naysayer, not seeing the results directly on my in-house dyno I'm amazed at what these pickup, no matter what TB version.

Enjoy it man!
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The TB is a cheap upgrade and is at the top of my list at the moment. It will be accompanied by a fresh engine/trans tune. Can't wait.
2013 2SS Black~ L99

Performance Mods-CAI intake, APEX washer bottle relocate and scoop, Ported TB. SLP 160 degree stat, Norris Catch-can, Pfadt Tri-Y headers, BMR F/R sway bars and Arms, Corsa cat back exhaust.
Appearance Mods-Blackout kit (markers, tail lights), black tail light bezels, black chrome trunk lettering, LSR billet engine dress-up kit, sub box. Billet tensioner pulley and thermostat housing (Billetcustom), Heritage grille.

Tuned by Matt @ Florida Speed and Power
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Tampa Tuning
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That's what I like to hear. I have plenty in stock ready to ship.
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LS3 Handler
I love the LS3
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I just installed mine with a CAI and scoop. Low end lag gone period. Love it.
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