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Jayhawk USN
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Lightbulb Rally Sport Project

I want your suggestions!

If I were to, hypothetically, build a rally sport Camaro, it would have to live up to the styling and performance of a rally vehicle. The inspiration for this project is the little-known performance monster known as the Rally Fighter.

This vehicle should sound somewhat familiar:
  • 6.2L GM engine (guess which one)
  • between 3,800 and 4,000 pounds
  • RWD
  • 115-inch wheelbase (Camaro is 112.3 inches)
  • 4 disc brakes
  • classic pony car styling cues

The Rally Fighter is recommended to sell for just shy of 6 figures. It is a rare beauty built by the consumer and the build team, making each one special to its owners. GM has given us a similarly powerful vehicle for a fraction of the price. Of course, the Camaro is known as "the hugger," carrying with it the spectacular tradition of handling. Imagine taking such a beast and converting it to participate in a type of racing implied by a commonly ordered appearance package. I want to discuss how to build a rally Camaro.

  • brush guard—Go Industries (38010)
  • more lights—upgrade fog lights to HID or LED, add lights to push bumper above or lower grille
  • appropriate wheels and tires
  • suspension with plenty of travel
  • bolt-on performance parts
  • aggressive cosmetic styling—possible Plastidip from bottom of car up to crease in door, LeMans stripes over hockey stripe (different colors), COPO hood, SLP blackout panel, heritage grille

  • What else would a rally Camaro require in terms of parts for performance and styling?
  • Who offers said parts?

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This is a cool idea! I would love to see a Rally Camaro

I believe one major problem would be the suspension parts. No one to my knowledge makes the required pieces. My guess would be that all the control/trailing arms lower and upper would have to be longer to support a higher ground clearance AND increased wheel travel. Theses parts would have to be custom fabricated. The longer springs and shocks could come from another vehicle. After said parts are designed and made it may just be a matter of reinforcing the mounts to take the abuse of rally driving.

One possible alternative would just be slightly longer springs and shocks for a STi level of off road ability.
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Jayhawk USN
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Here are some other vehicles from which we can draw inspiration for this type of project.

The first post has been updated with the part number for this push bumper.

I found this next one by total accident.

I wouldn't rock the massive spoiler, modify the rear windows, or change the front bumper this way, but it doesn't look bad off the road.

This last one is a winner.

From a styling perspective, a front push bar from a police car could work for the brush guard with a couple of lights centered on it. I could go for some 18-20-inch wheels with appropriate tires. I'd probably do some vinyl or plastic on the sides of the vehicle to give it a unique look and protect from kicked up debris. I might need some Photoshop help to draw something up if anyone is up to the challenge.
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