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Post Free: how to make audio test tones for amplifier tuning

Go to "" and download this free program for your computer. This is an audio recording program that can also generate test tones. Install the program, then open it.

First, you need to set up the export format that you want. In the menu, open Preferences, then go to the File Formats tab. On that tab, change the Uncompressed Export Format to the one most commonly used by your OS (Windows is WAVE, Mac is AIFF, etc.), 16-bit PCM is fine, and save and close the Preferences.

On the menu, go to Generate, Tone..., then choose Frequency/Hz and enter a value (40.00 equals 40 Hz, etc.), and enter a Length in seconds for the tone to play. Click the Generate button. A new track will appear that contains your tone. Play it on your computer to verify that it is what you want. Click the Green play button above the track.

To export a tone, go to menu, Export As (WAVE or AIFF depending on Preferences), Save as "test tone 40 Hz.wave" (or whatever you want) and tell it where to save to. A new file will appear in that location with your test tone on it. Repeat as desired until you have all of the test tones that you want.

To burn a cd, put all of your tones in order in the cd-burning program (if you don't have one, here's a free one ""), put a blank cd in your computer and burn the tones onto it. When it is done, you can then take the cd out to your car and play it to tune your amp.

If you don't have a cd-burner in your computer, most local electronics and office supply stores have them in stock. A DVD-burner can also burn CDs. You will need to find a 10-year old child to install it if you have zero experience at computer upgrades.
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I've been using Audacity for several years, mostly to make ring tones and when I create a video for YouTube and need to splice up a song. Never thought of using for creating test tones.

I have no idea about test tone frequencies, so could somebody shed some light as to what frequencies should be created or how to go about getting everything necessary to run the tests?
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I'll be using this video as a guide for tuning an amp I just installed. I'm just not sure what frequencies to use. The amp's manual said to use 4khz and 50hz tones for mids and sub. If anybody's got any advise as to what frequencies to use that would be greatly appreciated.
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amp tuning, audio, free, fun, test tones

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