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Old 07-08-2009, 12:50 AM   #26
hot ss

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have you tried clear choice in west edmonton, for tinting?
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Ive heard they were pretty good (clear choice). I live in the west end so i may check it out this week. The 10% back and 35% side worked well on my charger. Had it like that for over 2 years and was pulled over 2 times for speeding and i just rolled down my windows and they didnt say anything.
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Originally Posted by SoloSK71 View Post
I doubt it is high on the priority list but if you get stopped for anything else, this will probably get tacked on to the list.

- SK
I have been tagged on the highway with the RCMP for tinted windows, however it seems in Calgary, in the last year or two, they have backed off quite a bit on the tinting fines, so I have been told.

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hot ss

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Drives: aqua 2ss l99
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i did my camaro medium all the way around
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35 on the front 2
7 on the back 3

looks awesome
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Old 12-15-2009, 11:02 PM   #31
Account Unaccounted for
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The Answer from Alberta Transportation


Thank you for your inquiry regarding window tinting.

You may not install any tinting film on the windows left and right of the driver. The primary concern is tinting the windshield or side glass may, during darkness or inclement weather, limit or restrict the operator's ability to see other highway users and objects.

Manufacturers are allowed to install factory tinted side glass with a 30% maximum tint. The tint must be built into the glass (it cannot be a film applied to the glass). Side glass must be marked AS-2 and windshields must be marked AS-1.

Alberta's Vehicle Equipment Regulation 322/2002 section 69(1) prohibits the installation of any tinting film or material to the windshield and the windows to the left and right of the driver. Section 72(2) requires a motor vehicle, should it have a tinted rear window, to have side mirrors on both the left and right side that give the driver a clear view of the roadway behind and on each side of the motor vehicle.

We don't recommend adding window film to the rear glass when children frequently ride in the vehicle; the tinting film can change the breaking properties of the safety glass; increasing the possibility of injury. To view the Vehicle Equipment Regulation, please go to the following web link: Alberta Queen's Printer

If you require further information, please contact me.


Howard Greenway
Vehicle Standards Specialist
Vehicle Safety and Carrier Services Branch
Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation
Phone # 780-427-7573
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I have never done tint on a car, so how do they do it aftermarket? Do they take the window out and dip it in something? or roll it on like paint? I'm just curious, I plan to find a good place in edmonton and get my windows done in the spring when my car arrives.
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I was driving 10km/hr over limit and had cops pull up besides me to glare at me (it was evening time). I immediately slowed down but they did nothing to me.

I had 35% front, 15% rear 3 windows.
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Old 12-17-2009, 12:18 AM   #34

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Originally Posted by mercuryman96 View Post
$50 does not sound too bad I wonder how much in BC. Does Alberta have to have a front plate?
$109 in BC. I can buy another car with all the fines I have paid!

My Camaro 2010 has black interior. I tinted back and small rear portal windows. The fornts look great cos of the colour of the interior and dont need it.
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