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Very nice read and I just want to thank you and everyone else that contributes to the design and production of these fine cars so we can ultimately drive and enjoy them. Bottom line is you are not going to please everyone and there are always going to be people out there complaining about something. I really don't think people understand what you guys have to go through as far as trying to please the masses, staying true to the original design while updating at the same time, conforming to federal regulations and laws, and lets not forget this is a business....staying profitable as a company at a time where the national economy is terrible, & countless other obstacles that I cannot possible understand because I'm not in the business. I'm just glad that we have a V6, SS, and now a Z/28 in the current lineup....something there for everyone. And by the way...the Z/28 is incredible! So glad to see that model back as a long time owner and driver of Z/28's of past years. And for everyone else out there that wants to nit pick about this or that.....that's what the aftermarket is there for, to personalize your individual ride the way you want it. That's also the fun of it at least IMO and what makes our cars different from each other and unique. I'm sure the aftermarket will be working fast and furious on these new designs to come up with a bunch of really new and exciting mods. Anyway...getting long winded, thanks again for all your hard work.
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Cruz'n 45th
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Scott thanks for taking the time to provide insight into the Z28 -Z/28. I'll reserve my comments until I'm able to see the 2014 Camaros live. Thanks to you and the team for continuing to improve the Camaro.
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Wonderfully Awful Idea
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I thank you and the other 14 of the original 12 for following through on the promise of "Keep the faith".
My first Camaro was a 69' SS at the age of 16. LOVED it! But later I bought a 68' RS LOVED it even more!!!! even put a "Monster 454" in it. I got "T" boned.! Then a second 68' coupe.
I never owned any other of the Gen's but still loved Camaro's.
When the 5th Gen concept was released I told my wive I had to have one. She wasn't having it, but still, in my mind it was to be!
So, in 2010, I went to the dealership and bought a PERFECT new 2010 SS/RS with out telling my wife. She wasn't mad. She said later she knew all along that my passion for the Camaro was strong and I would get the "New One".
Scott, for me, I always liked the 2 separate, on each side tail lights. As stated I've owned both the 69' and 2 68's. For me, I love the rear lites of the "09'" through the 13'
All else I'm good with except the chrome on the front of the SS seems out of place. Just my opinion. I wish the SS hood came out in the 2010.
Take heart that you may never hear it but you and the "12" are VERY appreciated!

P.S. Soon if not already this forum will "blow up" on what parts are interchangeable with their car" which will prove that the 14' is well received.

Again "Thank you and the "others".
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to fbodfather

I am thankful that GM has made an ultimate Camaro in the new street legal road race car. It is very nice!

What I would ask, is what GM will do to insert a product in-between the 154hp gap between the 1LE and the ZL1?
- if I split the power difference, I see that's in the ~503hp range.

Could we please have a 1LE stage II with an LS7?

Please be kind when you drive; thank you.

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"Mr Scott, the warp drive seems to be malfunctioning...its making the entire crew obsess over my rear end. Do something man!" heh.
Really, I like the refresh overall. I think it livens up the overall look and feel of the car. But truthfully, the rear does appear to be the most uninteresting part of the refresh.

2 questions:

Can we get the further details on Steilow's comment about the other "200 changes" made to the underpinnings of the Z28?

What months can we expect pricing releases for the new lineup? This would help with $$ planning.

Thanks for all you and the Camaro team's do and put up with!
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Thanks for the message, Scott. It's really great that you would spend the time answering our questions and providing feedback. I own a 2012 2SS and although there is nothing on the 14 that makes me want to trade my car in, I'm sure there will be plenty of new owners jumping at the opportunity. And although the Z28 will undoubtedly be way out of my price range, I really love how the Camaro is taking over as one of the most powerful muscle cars on the road. One thing I would say is that beyond the rear lights (I much prefer the 10-13 look), I really wish there was a more dramatic change in the interior look. I think the look now is alright and lots of nice little touches, but i think out of everything that could have potentially been changed, that would be towards the top of my list. Here's hoping that the 6th generation focuses on the interior a little more. Anyways thanks for putting in the hard work of making Camaro one of the best cars out there.
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Scott: I only have one, no make that two words for you and your crew,,,,
Thank you!!!!
You continue to strive to make things better and to make a product that will out shine the previous. for all you do.
Cheers Jim and Myrna.
PS: Hope to get to meet you in Sturgis to say thank you personally.
Good bye 2010 Little Bee, Hello 2012 Big Bee.

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There are some good discussions going on and a lot of good posts. I appreciate all the great work that had been done on the camaro. Everyone has an opinion on what they like or do not like but I think the progression of the the 5th gen camaro has been stellar. The chassis and drive train improvements have been great and proven on every track. Yeah people complain the car is too heavy etc but it is pretty impressive the tuning the Chevy team could get out of this platform. I look forward to what is left in development on this platform and the surprises of the 6th generation. I am looking forward to seeing the cars in person at the NYC autoshow. Thanks for the hard work!!
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Fbodfather, just remember how many good comments you also had coming in from the start.

The fact that you even posted this thread at all shows how dedicated you are to we the customers. That means a lot to me.
I think that my favorite thing about the Z/28 is that the car guys actually won over the bean counters by physically showing them just how awesome this car really is. Thanks for that, and thank you bean counters!
For years my friend and I had lamented over how bad GM as a whole had gotten largely due to being on a different planet from the customers, but you guys (as a whole) have clearly gotten your act together in last few years (for more reasons than one, I know) and it hasn't gone unnoticed, especially in this community.
I, for one, would not be on my second new 5thgen if you guys hadn't shown how dedicated you are to this car. Thank you, and hats off to you and the whole Camaro team!
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
Whatís not to love?
The Z/28 WAS for people like me who could not afford an SS. People like me who looked at an SS back in the day and said "If it just loses the hood, spoiler, and's almost 10k less? Why buy an SS?" me....who wanted the engine....and NO features. Why have you guys not come up with THAT model yet? A cloth interior, basic radio, roll up windows, no cruise, nav, hud, and all....big engine camaro? People would complain until they saw the price tag. CHEAP, yet, you get the performance everyone else does. Just because you aren't loaded, doesn't mean you have to drive a six or buy a used SS later on.

On to "What's not to love." You listened when we said "mail slot" "wheels" "track car handling" and totally tossed out the past. While you did make a GREAT looking camaro, and I applaud it, the fact remains. The camaro is turning into the next Corvette. A muscle car only the rich can afford, but built on the same "mediocre" principles of a muscle car. I say mediocre quoting your fellow employees. The truth is a ZL1 is in the $60,000 range new. Now, we have one MORE expensive? THAT'S RIDICULOUS! Sorry, but we are approaching Corvette pricing...very fast. Scratch that...we are there according to your site for the new sting ray.

So, what's not to love? Let me start. A ZR1 vette sold for $128,000 at Buckalew Chevy here. Then, Carmax Houston had one with 1,200 miles on it for $72,000. Depreciation? I sat in one yesterday for $69,000. Don't make me buy that for cheaper than a new Z/28. We all know what that ZR1 would do to it, and it wouldn't be pretty. The new Z/28 will be so expensive, it will be one of the most depriciating cars out there. The desire is now split. You have a ZL1 or a Z28. That makes the future....non existent in price for both of them.

The number one thing is paint. What have you done to fix that? The Z/28 is not a concern to me. To me, it's just another over priced model we will forget about, kind of like the ZL1R of the 4th gens. So, what is with the other models? What has been done to improve THAT? The paint mainly. It's the number one complaint here, over wheels, mail slots, steering guys changed all that! To me, Chevy should have seperated the RS name and came out with a supercharged or turbo six cylinder camaro RS. It would be cheap. It would be fuel efficient. It would bring in a whole new age group of buyers to the family as well. All the while maintaining the RS heritage.

I have lots of other things to say, but I will stop here. The Z/28 is beautiful. Great car, good engineering effort. How many will sell? Tons. In five years, tons will be sitting on the used lots from repossessions and people figuring out that the sting ray is faster. For those who want to bash on "Not everyone wants a corvette," you don't buy a four seat track pack car and carry your kids around. If you wanted that, you can get a used GTR for that, which is a road course king yet to be dethroned, or you could save money and go with a ZL1 from the sounds of it. Good idea, just, why make the traditionally cheaper name, now, at the top? Come up with a better, cheaper, special edition six. Some, like me, would gladly trade their SS if the right camaro in the right price range came out. Right now, I will not trade my SS because the sixes are a joke (no offense) and the SS is WAYYY too much for what it is. There is no medium. Help us with that instead of stacking on the top of the deck.
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Dr. Evil
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Scott, thanks for taking the time to write that post and the feedback. As with anything, it takes thick skin towards the top. I like the direction Camaro is heading. Its part of the reason I jumped ship from team Corvette. And parted ways with a corvette that I owned, modded, raced, drove and had alot of fun in for 11 years of ownership. I spent a while working as a tech at a Chevy dealership and have a vary funny story that you of all people could relate to. It involved meeting Dave Hill at a corvette event with me not recoginizing who I was speaking to, him asking me what I thought about the then new C5 and what problems I was seeing(I had just told him I was a tech and the corvette guy for the dealership). My responses and then his were pretty comical since I had no idea who I was talking to and in true tech fashion I was very frank.

A couple of points:
1: I'm not sure everyone realizes the magnitude of bringing the Z/28 to life. Esp in this day and age. Its a huge accomplishemnt and such a traditional departure from the vynil add on sticker packages in the past. This car is about substance, no fluff here. Well done.
2: There is some very good feedback in this thread if you can sort through the chaff. The 1LE had me very close to trading my 2011SS but it still didnt really 'fit' into a stock class well, at least not competively due to wheel/tire restrictions. I ended up getting a 2013SS(some nice upgrades in 2013 over the 2011btw) with the intent of just making the car into what I wanted myself.

I'd love to get back into SCCA solo2 again with this car on a set of 19" with autox rubber. If only there were an option to get 19" (preferably) lighter wheels that would accomodate race rubber
2013 model 2SS LS3
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Scott i would personally like to thank you for being the Fbodfather( keeper of the CAMARO key) you and your team should take a bow,and pat yourselves on the back. While we all know you cant please all the people all the time,the camaro is here to stay and judging by the numbers kicking ASS like we all know and love I for one dont know why some people get so worked up over little things,we all begged GM to bring back the Z/28.I for one am just HAPPY to see it finally coming to the showroom.
That being said this car is gonna turn a lot of heads,even with the taillights. And im sure some people will start looking for aftermarket taillights and hoods and whatever else they personally dont like,one of the things that make this car so awesome is the ability to personalize it.Not many people have a car the exact same as the day they bought it,that in itself is a work of art. Which was evident at SSCR2, over 130 camaros and no two looked alike.So for all those who (dislike) this or that,you know youll have the ability to change it and make it your own vision.
I was born red,white and blue, in a canary yellow 69,owned an '85 an '87IROC and now an '11 2ss ibm, and none of those cars stayed showroom specific. I cant afford a Z/28, not yet anyway but im glad its back.
On a side note Fbodfather, thanks for discontinuing IBM; means my car is more unique And i sure would like to have another IROC, 2015 would mark 30 years,just sayin Keep up the great work and im sure the next camaro will be better than the last.
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Casey Woodside
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I cant wait love the car i am sure the time and work put in to this is going to be worth the wait
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Blackend SS
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
If this were 6 months into the 2014 Model year, I'd certainly be concerned.

However, I'd venture to say that 99 percent of the people who have voted on that poll have not seen the car in person. That's crucial.

I can assure you that every time we change something on the Camaro, we usually get a negative reaction: -- initially. That was frankly one of the main reasons for me starting this post in the first place. I tried to use a bit of 'humor' -- but if you go back to the very early days of Camaro5 -- and then go to the dates when we made changes - you'll find the same type of reaction.

The point: No matter what we do to change a car - some will love it - and others will hate it. It's OK to feel either way. What I simply ask people to do is to remain 'polite' -- I (and the rest of the team) DO want to hear your thoughts.

If you say "...this car ####s! It looks like ####! You're a bunch of XXXXXs!" - we're going to take your remarks with a grain of salt and dismiss. And we have the right to. On the other hand, if you say "...I don't like the taillamps. I think they should have been round and had black trim because that's the history of the early 2nd gens"....we're going to listen to you -- because it's a reasonable post and you're giving us details on why you don't care for the change.

So - the point: we DO want to hear your thoughts - but I'm also asking you to look at the car from all angles in person before you make your final declaration. I suspect that in 6 months, there will be another 'panic-du-Jour!"

(and the poll isn't exactly written to tell us much other than 'yes' or 'no' -- and that's really not adequate...)
Well said Scott, while I for one love what you all did with the Z/28 given its great history. And the history I have had with it (my cousin had a IROC Z/28, and then my brother owns a 95 Z28). Mind you I am now 27 and own a 2010 SS, but to see it taken back to its roots is always a great feeling. I think the way each car is positioned in the market is perfect (LT-SS-1LE-ZL1-Z/28). Design wise yes I am on of those that says the rear leaves a lot to be desired. I loved the link between the Corvette and Camaro tail lights. I see more of Chevroletís Code 130R concept and feel it just doesn't flow with the aggressive lines of the car. Now if something along the lines of the Tru 140S concepts rear lines, I can see that meshing well. But again, thats my opinion and we all know what they say about opinions. While a Z/28 or a ZL1 for that matter are out of my price range at the moment(I have yet to drive a ZL1 as dealers here are not really keen on letting a 27 year old take out a $55k+ sports car out) I would love to someday own a 2013 ZL1 and maybe get a crack at that Z/28.

I can do nothing more then applaud the Camaro Team for their hard work and dedication in trying to please every Camaro enthusiast. In some way we all got what we wanted out of the 5th gens as you stated in a previous post. Recaro's are a god send and would love to retro fit them to my 2010, as well as some other parts of the newer models. I might not be 100% sold on the new look, I can understand why some changes needed to be made. Still love the Camaro and I for one can't wait to see what you all bring to the table with the 6th gen car. The Z/28 is the perfect send off for the 5th gen. So from a die hard Camaro enthusiast to another....
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