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Originally Posted by MARINE1991 View Post
.. When I first saw pictures of the 10 Camaro I was telling everyone no matter what I am getting one of thoses no matter what.
X 2 hopefully I will be saying the same thing for the next Generation.

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Changes on no changes- just Thank-you for bringing the Camaro back 4 years ago- it could have been gone forever- severely limiting the choices for performance cars. I think everyone just be greatful that Chevrolet brought it back! I know I am!
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Scott, Great write up as always! I first off want to thank you and the team for inviting me and my dad to the 2014 Camaro was truly an event that i will never forget...i still get gosebumps watching the reveal video!

Scott basicly said it all but i would like to say that PICS DO NOT DO THE JUSTICE ON THIS CAR! when i first saw the lights i did not like them....went to the show on wensday and i am now in love with the rear lights as well as the front fasica and everything elese on this great car! SOO please SEE the car first before you knock it!

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LED Crazy
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Great input Scott. I love how you took past concerns, addressed them, and showed how you met the customers requests/needs. Well done.
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I was one of the 547 that voted Liked.

When I first joined C5 I was naive to think there was love for all Camaros. My first post stating thank you GM / Chevrolet for making a 300+ HP V6. Then people would call the v6 a girls car. If you the owner didn't like this and made a comment back it was somehow contorted into you have thin skin. I don't know to many people that would like comments that are not constructive. My family taught me if you don't have something constructive to say why state it at all. In our new world consequences for what one writes on the internet isn't there. So as far as the comments go please weed out the bad and listen to the constructive!

Thank you for the 2014 line up!!!!
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Originally Posted by Russo View Post
look at it this way, at least they didn't mess up like Jeep did with the new Cherokee
Fill me in, what happened?
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Angrybird 12
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Camaro2lt posted that the z/28 has a exposed carbon fiber extractor, I wonder if the one on the SS is painted CF and not cheap plastic like people have posted.
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Ahhhhhhhhh Growing Pains!
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Team Chevrolet
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All I want to say is you can't/will never please everyone, no matter how hard you try. There will always be haters and pot-stirrers, but rest assured, the the efforts of "Team Camaro" and "Team Corvette" are greatly appreciated by thousands of automotive enthusiasts around the world. As the owner of both a Camaro and Vette, I personally love all that has been done to the '14 Camaro and C7 Stingray. Looking at the various coments on YouTube and other automotive sites and blogs, all I can do is laugh! If you don't have hatters, you're not doing something right! So Scott, keep your head up, know that your team is doing a banging job!!!
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Originally Posted by Angrybird 12 View Post
Camaro2lt posted that the z/28 has a exposed carbon fiber extractor, I wonder if the one on the SS is painted CF and not cheap plastic like people have posted.
This looks a billion times better than how it initially looked in the blurry pics. At first it looked like plastic. I think this will look really good.
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You certainly can't please everybody. But the decision to please Honda Prelude owners by bringing back their mid-90's rear end? There's simply no way to explain that away.
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Originally Posted by FINALLYSATISFIED View Post
Fill me in, what happened?
Jeep just released their version of the Pontiac Aztek as the new Cherokee.
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The 2010 Sin
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Im ready to buy one of these $65k+ Z28's and actually drive it like it was designed to be driven!!!! WAY TO GO FBODFATHER! Your work is tremendous!
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I'll pass on the new look. Glad I ordered a '13.
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i think this is a great opportunity for the aftermarket to kick in. take those tail lights out and install a new assembly. obviously the overall shape wouldn't change, but that's not really the problem i don't think. the new lights could have some depth or character--sawtooth like a '69, or at least individual lights like the new stingray. there's a ton of room for improvement on those tail lights to add some depth and character, and bring it back to a muscular look.
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Originally Posted by Cheveey57 View Post
Right isn't it sickening ? This guy fbod is gonna need a bigger hat for as much as his head has to be growing. Seriously do you guys think he's gonna give the biggest butt kisser a car?
Sad thing is, these are the same guys who only days ago wanted to lynch the tail light designers.

I still say that most of the changes are good but the tail lights ruin it. I don't know of anyone that had a problem with the other lights. That is one of the problems with designers they can never leave well enough alone.
OK - we'll start all over again and give you everything you want.....and as to the rest of the enthusiasts...well, to heck with them.

I don't mean to be brusque - but it appears that you really don't care what I say -- you evidently don't care about the explanation - and you don't seem to care what anyone else says. If YOU don't like what we've done, we're wrong....and if someone says they like it - well then, they're just "kissing butt" -- which, if I was one of the people who said "I like it!" - I'd be very much offended by your 'kissing butt" remark.

Perhaps you really need to look at the bigger picture and realize that AS I SAID SEVERAL TIMES over the past week - no matter what we do, we'll not make everyone happy.

I'm sorry you don't like the new car. Perhaps you will in 6 months. If you don't -- well - I don't know that there's anything we can do about it.
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