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You Sir are a true enthusiast and I hope to shake your hand someday.
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Scott, once again a huge thank you to you and all of the Camaro Team for doing a 5th gen Z/28 the way it should be done! Prior to the announcement, I had gotten to the point of thinking that we might not see a Z/28 in the 5th gen, much less one that was true to the Z/28 heritage. And the Camaro Team did it, they put together all the pieces and built a truly awesome Z/28, I haven't been this excited since I drove my new Z/28 off the dealer's lot in 1969. Will I buy a new Z/28, well time and pricing announcements will decide that, I unfortunately think it is going to fall outside of my purchase parameters at this point in time. And that is not a complaint, I would rather see a proper Z/28 released and available than to have yet another watered down version that I could afford. Kudos to you and the entire Camaro Team for making this new Z/28 measure up to the dreams of the Z/28 faithful!!
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Originally Posted by FINALLYSATISFIED View Post
Scott, I respect you that much more. A explanation wasn't even warranted but you simply are a class act and a genuine person. Thank you very much for all that you do, it's is very much appreciated.
This pretty much sums up what I was thinking as well.
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Fbodfather, what you all have done to the 2014 Camaro is nothing short of amazing! You and the others on your team should be proud of the product.

The amount of negative energy on this forum is also nothing short of amazing. I know it must be discouraging, but the huge, mostly silent majority love the new design and know it will sell great!

Given what you all have done with the gen5, I can barely wait for the next gen!

BTW, my only problem, as I have stated before, is trying to decide between the new Z/28 or C7 Corvette....
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ZL1 #1745
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Thanks again Scott for the writeup and work you guys do. It is nice that you take the time to create a link between the Chevrolet corporate world and us normal people. The Z/28 must have been created right because now I am starting to consider replacing my ZL1 with one. Don't worry about the blackberry. I work for one of the largest corporations in the country and we still have blackberrys. Mine got laughed at in the phone store when I was upgrading my personal phone.
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All I can say, is thank you. Thank you for all the hard work.

And you are right, some of the things people find unappealing, they will grow to love.

I for one, appreciate all you have done bringing the 5th Gen to life, if you hadn't, I'd be a lot poorer after buying the Corvette, or unfulfilled by driving something else. :-)


2013 CRT 2SS RS – Heritage Grille, CAI, ZL1 Style Splitter, Chrome OEM Wheels.
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
Let me introduce the family……….

>323 horsepower LS and LT

>400 horsepower SS

>426 horsepower SS

>426 horsepower SS/1LE

>580 horsepower ZL1

And the new Camaro Z/28…….

…every one of them designed, engineered, and built to instill “Perma-Grin.”

What’s not to love?

Thanks for taking the time to read my ruminations and I hope you’ve got a better understanding of ‘why’………..

It’s the best time EVER to be a Camaro Enthusiast.

...and thank you.
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Scott- Thanks for taking the time to start this thread. My love for the Camaro begin in 1968 when my step Dad bought a used'67. I've owned several and have drag raced most of them. Without a doubt the 5th Gens are the best Camaros ever. The entire line up that you list is awesome and makes it tough to pick just one to own. I wish I could have one of each version! Thank you and the entire Camaro team for what you have created. What a great time to be a Camaro enthusiast!
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Mikes SS

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I don't mind eating crow, it doesn't taste that bad lol kinda like chicken. Great job restoring faith in a community as we can all tell, no other car can cause this type of passion good or bad. The team did a great job and I will be envious of those that will be able to afford one, but proud none the less to swear loyalty to a brand that brought me into this passion as a kid then as a teenager and now. I am thankful for what I am fortunate to have and y'all helped have that satisfaction. I built my first engine for a car I couldn't even legally drive yet (1980 Z28) and it fed my obsession from my first experience with a 1968 Z/28 and continues today with my 5th gen. Thank you.
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Thumbs up

As someone that was blessed to be chosen to be there in person for the LIVE reveal, I will say now, and continue to say:


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I for one think the refresh is a complete success. I dont love my 2011 any less though, the z/28 is fantastic. even my wife, who hates white cars, thinks it is bad a**. Great job Fbodfather and team.

ps - how about some pics of the lt/ls for comparison.

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I'm so ready to see a '14 SS in black , this is my year for the Camaro , (though I'm a Trans Am fan at heart) , thanks for everything ! Oh and my job makes me miss a lot of personal time so I know how ya feel.
And I did see these cars in person and they look great but I will say the tail lights will have to grow on me.
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Thanks for your insight into the history and planning that went into the recently revealed refresh & the Z/28. I am confident the changes that initially seemed shocking on a small computer screen will grow on most of us and most of us already find lots of things to love in the Z/28. I know that I did not love the first pics I ever saw of the 5th gen I now soooooooo love. I thought it just looked angry in the face. Like I said in another post, even then I liked it much better than the Mustang which I still think just looks sad in the face. I now think it is perfect..........................and therein lies the problem.

If I may be so bold as to speak for myself and I think many of my Camaro comrads:

I think most of us invisioned minor cosmetic changes and maybe some performance improvements and were bracing ourselves for the more significant appearance changes in the 6th Gen. We were shocked by the significance of the changes and saddened that our babys are now "the old style body style". We can't help that because we LOVE our Camaros sooooooooooooo much. AND......... those initial views from the TV show were not at all flattering.

Forgive us fbodfather for we have sinned. We spoke harshly of the new incarnation of our beloved Camaro.

Give us some time to grieve the loss of our body style being the new & baddest kid on block and adjust to newness of this design. IMHO

We do appreciate you and all the Camaro team for the hard work & dedicaton you put into everything Camaro related. Thanks for all you do!
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Nice to get a glimpse into the inner thinkings of Chevrolet as it continues to bring passion back into the automotive community. Thanks for taking the time to post!
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