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Pappa Joe

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Originally Posted by SQUALO View Post

Received the following e-mail from MPP Randy Hillier:

Thank you for signing my petition calling for the end of the Drive Clean program.

On Wednesday, I read our petition into the record of Ontario's Legislature. Over 870 people signed the petition at the time I presented it. You can view video of my introduction of the petition here.

By reading it into the record, all members of the Legislature have the opportunity to hear your concerns. Additionally, the rules of the legislature require the Minister of Environment Jim Bradley to respond to the petition. When I receive his response, I intend on sharing it with you.

This program has run its course. It is obsolete and does nothing except for taxing hard-working car owners across Ontario. Please rest assured that I will continue to fight against this useless tax.

Best regards,

Randy Hillier, MPP

Great work Squalo,but its free money for em,cant see em scrap it,not to mention all the money the shops put in it buying the testing equiptment etc
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HP addict
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Originally Posted by Merc View Post
We are finely getting rid of Air Scare out here on the Left Coast. Just another cash grab with todays new cars.

that is exactly correct. Its a cash grab. For the last 10 to 15 years cars have been able to tune themselves.

Finally BC is set to abolish the program
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ernie scar
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One of the benefits to living in Northern Ontario, I have never had to get my vehicle tested for emissions.

And as far as politics go the Dalton McGuinty era Liberals have sold this province down the river. I find it interesting that the current liberal party paid 600 million for two seats so that those gas plants wouldn’t be built in someone’s back yard.

Yet they want to throw wind turbines that are an eye sore in my back yard and say that it is no big deal.

My definition of current Canadian Politicians.
Liberals – let’s spend money like it’s going out of style and sell off all the crown corporations that generate money for the province.

Conservatives – Let’s bust all the unions so everyone in Ontario ends up working for minimum wage, and has to work till they die.

NDP – Got to support all the social programs, I don’t know where the money is going to come from but who cares, we’ll figure it out later.

The Green party – I don’t know why I even listed these BUMS.

Anyway sorry about the rant, since we pay these politicians wages we should be allowed to fire them at will.

No I am not ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!
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I signed it so did my wife. I sent it onto my friends and forwarded the same to my local MPP, and MP.

Thanks for bring this forward.

I have an ultra-gauge fitted to my car that reads lots of engine and emissions data, I will unplug it so they can test my car. But it will still be mounted on the dash.
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Thanks for everyones support, it all starts with us.

Vehicles have come a long way over the decades, and the technology of today doesn't really allow a vehicle to get to the point of threat to the "environment".

Then again, like insurance companies who claim that they are fighting insurance fraud by going after the fraudsters, why is EVERYONE paying for the actions of criminals.

The same can be said about the stupid e-test; go after the polluters and get them off the road, and leave the rest of us, who actually maintain our vehicles, alone.

Don't even get me started about those who are exempt from the e-test all together.
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