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Old 05-16-2013, 12:59 AM   #1
Drives: 1978 Camaro z28
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Small Block VIN confusion

Hey Guys,

I've been looking into this for a while and I just can't figure out the engine ID in my Z28. These numbers are pulled off of the block behind the alternator.



I know this is not a stock engine and rumored to be out of a vette. Engine size looks like a 350. The car is a project I have been working on for almost 2 years now and is almost done. I want to rebuild the engine before i put it back in though.


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Drives: 1978 Camaro z28
Join Date: May 2013
Location: Guelph, ON
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I just figured out, I probably should of thrown this into the 1st/2nd gen section...

I didn't realize this was a showcase section
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I am thinking off the top of my head maybe a '78 Camaro engine? That is a Norwood Ohio VIN Derivative for a model year that ended in "8". They built Camaros there and they never built Vettes there. Can't be '68 because the 3-digit engine suffix was not in use at that time - they were using 2-digits in the '60's. The 3-digit "CHC" engine build suffix is for a "car engine" (not a "truck engine" or it would start with "T") built in the late 70's. You might check in the 2nd gen Camaro web sites to see if the "CHC" engine suffix works out to be a '78 Camaro. Thats my best guess without working up a sweat.

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Looks like a 1968 VIN, but the 3 letter code didnt start until 1970. I dont think 1978 engines had the vin like that, although not 100% sure.
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Drives: 1978 Camaro z28
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Location: Guelph, ON
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Here is what I found out so far searching the internet,

V - Flint Michigan
O517 - May 17
CHC - L82??

1 - Chevrolet
8 - 68 or 78
N - Norwood Ohio

609546 - ???

What is kind of confusing to me is how the engine is produced at 2 separate plants. I have no clue what those last digits are for, maybe production number? The reason behind me thinking that it is a 1978 L82 engine is the engine suffix CHC. According to, GM started using CHC to classify their engines in 1973. The engine that was produced with the engine suffix CHC prior to 1978 was in 76 and it was the X L82.

So what I want to know is, was it Norwood or was it Flint? Am I right with my research? And what do those last couple of numbers mean?



P.S. I'll post some pictures of the project tomorrow
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Mr Twisty

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609546 ... last six digits of the car vin?

You might be able to pick up clues from the (original?) carburetor.

Flint, 05th month, 17th day,

CHC 1975 350 m/t, h/p T L82 205 4 Vette
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That looks alot better than camaros on 30's
I hope your summer is just like Sexy Corsets UK filled with surprises.
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