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You like them, that's great. But my standards for them are a lot different than yours, don't think you should have a problem that.... some folks drive Mustangs too. I also remember "older performance tires" a bit differently than you. I have a "Driver of the year 1982" plaque on my wall that was hard to win, but that might not be as far back as you meant. Watched many races from 1/4 dirt to F1 and lots in between, have yet to see anyone roll a tire off a bead. (Did see a guy lose a whole wheel assembly and finish a Solo 1 autocross run on the rotor).
I do think you'll be able to find tires that do a better job for you and perhaps with good tread life, but your probably right about the cost.
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old school chevy rodder
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just look at tirerack bud theres a lot more options out there for brands and sets than there used to be for a camaro, I know i will get some new tires its just a matter of time and tread depth.
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I guess I'm not lucky enough to live somewhere where the roads are so smooth and groomed that I can actually feel flat spotting... The stiff 2SS is bouncy enough, I could most likely be missing a wheel and it would take me a few minutes to figure something's wrong...
I put 20k on my p zeroes and still have a full summer left on the fronts. The rears are shot.
Never had an issue. Drove them in torrential rain and actually through the first winter with no problems. Second winter got nasty so put on some winter tires.
They hold a good line, never greasy, never break loose, no complaints. Will probably go with them again next summer.
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Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
Haha. In that case you could wonder why everyone didnt buy the ZL1, no negative aspects there either.

Oh yeah, money.
So you are comparing a ZL1 $60,000 car to a $3500 option (1LE) on a SS?

I got my car for 41k otd, stickered for 43.5k. They took $1500 off sticker before I even walked in the door (internet sales).

So basically I got the 1LE & RS package for free with my rebates/haggling. It's all in how you work the deal.

I don't think it's possible to get a ZL1 for the price of a regular SS is it?

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I solved the factory tire issue, I just got new wheel and tires.
I love the Nitto NT-05! Grip and hug like no tire I have ever owned, or driven.
And despite what some internet writer may have said, they do well in rain.
driving on the freeway here in SoCal in the rain, does not slow me down any at all.

But, to each their own
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Drives: Victory Red 2013 SS/RS Dual Mode
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Can the folks that have changed tires already, give some feedback. So far, i've got 1300 miles on it. Totaly stock, already have the CAGS eliminator setting on my work bench. Planning no engine mods at this time, but looking at the factory strut tower brace and down the road a few months the Hotchkis Max Brace. Would love to hear from somone with those suspension mods as to what tires they are running. So far I'm looking at GoodYear Eagle GT, Mich Pilot, and I keep hearing about the Nitto so I'm going to give them a look. Obviously Pirelli is not making my list.
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