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I like the 2014's. Face it, the Camaro needed a refreshing. The first 3yrs of the 5th gen have been fantastic! The Camaro has "retro" hints, whilst the Mustang has been variations of the original, only much better, the original Mustang was a masked over Fairlane Lee Iococca dressed up. The Challenger is almost a dead ringer for its original, and still a handsome car. If Mopar would have offered a vert version, who knows, I may have gotten one, but the hardtop fully loaded V8 is already over $51k right now!

Camaros are going to be fine, always wanted a Camaro since I was 8yrs old and my neighbor, whom was a car dealer, brought home a 69 Z/28.
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Originally Posted by Cheveey57 View Post
Not devastated if they aren't shocked if they are. Been a Chevy fan all my life it's just that Chevrolet is setting itself up for failure with this redesign.
I see a lot of people saying I'm getting used to the 14's, When the prototype on the fifth-generation came out I didn't have to get used to it. Most of us here fell in love with it at first sight. So I'll say it again if it has to grow on me Or i have to get used to it I never really liked it in the first place. The sixth generation can't come fast enough. I just hope that this refresh isn't a sign of the direction they are heading for the next generation.
This guy, could that must have feeling back when the concept Camaro was first shown due to the eight year absence of the Camaro? Maybe, it was due to seeing it on the big screen in the movie Transformers? Upon seeing the concept car, I too told myself that I had to get me one. Now, 3 years into the current car's design, and with the showing of the refreshed 14 car, I will be torn between which Camaro to buy myself, the 10-13 car or the 14 car? I will probably go with 10-13 car, not due to looks, but the fact that it should be a lot cheaper than the new 14 cars. Anyways, we all now by now that you DO NOT LIKE THE 14 CAR! Thanks for your personal opinion and quit bashing on our beloved Camaro already.
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Originally Posted by BigRedMikeLV
People always say the color thing, I want to know what colors are exciting? They have 2 shades of gray, 2 shades of black, a white, a blue and a red. We have more options than that in the Camaro or Mustang.
The Challenger has one or two H.I.P (High Impact) Colo(u)rs a year on top of the regular bland colo(u)rs you just mentioned. They do not carry over H.I.P colo(u)rs every year. Hemi Orange, TorRed, Toxic Orange, Detonator Yellow, Furious Fuscia, B5 Blue, Green with Envy, Stinger Yellow, Header Orange, Plum Crazy, and Sublime ('14 MY).

Originally Posted by alanhurst
they need to clear inventory to make room for the Cuda.
The 'Cuda is no where near production, it will more than likely be a '16 or '17 MY.

Originally Posted by TheCamaroKid
My bet on the rise in Challenger sales is the SRT8 CORE, idk how long this has been an option but its the 6.4 starting at 40k vs the 45k the SRT8 has been.
Nah, V6 sales passed the V8 (5.7L) sales a couple years back and are still their top seller. The 392 alone will not spike sales like that since it is not a volume seller. Besides, the CORE will be produced in a lesser quantity than the regular SRTs.

Originally Posted by AZCamaroFan
speaking of blue , i saw a Challenger yesterday, not sure which model year, and it had this color, it was just a bit lighter than Aqua Blue, and with more metallic. darn did it look good, even better than the picture
That is a 2010 MY in B5 Blue.
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Originally Posted by mirabella View Post
One of those April sales was mine
Put me down for one too!
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Opinionated bugger!
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Originally Posted by alanhurst View Post
Probably due to the "fire sales" dodge dealers have been having on Challengers over the past couple months,they need to clear inventory to make room for the Cuda.

A friend of mine was able to pick a new challenger up way under invoice last month,the dealers are pushing those cars hard.
NO CUDA, at least anytime soon.

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I think the cosmetic changes for the 14 will breath new life into sales. I love the 5th gen as is, but if I were in the market I would buy a 14 over a 13 w/o thinking twice. Just my two cents
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Oh, you like the tail lights and rear diffuser?
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post

And you'll be devastated if they aren't.....

There is all sort of evidence that sales deteriorate 20% by the third year of a lifecycle - therefore, Mid-cycles are planned at some point.

If you go back to 2008, there was caterwauling of all sorts when people saw the taillamps and back-up lamps of the current Camaro. People actually were struck sterile when they saw the steering wheel on the 2010! ( least you'd think they were by the carrying-on on this very site....) -- and yet people must have fell in love with it - because when we changed it for 2012, the world was going to come to an end. We'd never be able to sell the car with the hideous new wheel................

Once again I'll ask you to cut everyone a break - and wait until you see the 2014 Camaros in person - you just MAY be surprised!

(..........but I have a feeling that no matter what we do, you'll still have something to say about it........)

Just remember what you told me, Scott: "you can't fix stupid"

I still am on record as saying that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new 2014

Think about the huge permagrin on my face at the 'big reveal' at the NY Auto Show on Press Day next time you feel like this:


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