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I have been feeling like that for the past few weeks, since i am driving my dads truck, especially with this great weather . My ankle is still killing me and it could be a while
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Yep my DD is an 04 Ram 1500. I just moved to a new state and my camaro has been in the garage the whole time since moving in. I finally got it off jack stands and pulled it out the other day while my neighbors were outside. They said they had no clue I had a "monster" in the garage. Made me chuckle a little.

Since being here though I have been eyeing up all the camaros around. Saddly there aren't many around. I'm in mustang country it seems. It'll make for some good laughs in the future though.
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Camaro CRAZY
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I drive my car every day and hardly see camaros out but, when I am driving my wife's Rav4 they're everywhere. Probably think I'm a mad man chasing down a camaro to check it out in a Rav4 hahaha. I love these cars and I get excited every time I see one on the road, especially if they're modified I see even less of them around.

Mustangs are definitely a thing around here. For ever 1 camaro you see there are 50 mustangs haha.
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