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The alignment I spec's for a stock SS, balances the car.
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Originally Posted by SPCBA View Post
hard to decide between understeer or the booty swaying or brake fade

ummmm ya pushes and keeps pushing until you get fed up and upgrade. hate turning the wheel and the rear wheels decide to drive the car forward. would rather have oversteer atleast the driver can correct that.
Couple of thoughts here . . . autocross probably approaches controlled testing, particularly on successive runs. In any event, just the course walking removes most of the "surprise" factor (for which you'd be better served in street driving by having a minimal amount of understeer present).

Another factor is yaw damping, which decreases with speed. "Tossable" at autocross is likely to become too loose as speeds rise.

a solid alignment changes the car. I did the street/track compromise as I dont feel like getting 2 alignments every other week for my dd and road course car. some bushings and sways and alignment will make your car go where you want and get you a lot closer to neutral steering.
I'd seriously consider getting the rear set to whatever "best overall average" settings and play with the front between daily and competition settings with camber plates yourself. This really doesn't have to be much more than turning wrenches and jacking the corner once you know where to put things (for several years I did just this with a shim-adjusted 1979 Malibu, with up to about 2° camber difference). Less negative front camber for a little more understeer on the street, more negative for competition, which I think will tend to drag the front toe in the outward direction just a little.

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There are a couple ways to determine how much camber your car needs based on driving style and setup. Unfortunately, most people just pick a number, or take one of the interweb, and go with it... At the end of the day, if you're not driving competitively, being totally dialed doesn't really matter, as long as you're not blowing through tires that is...
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