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Originally Posted by tmandoug1 View Post
Me and my buddy left the road on new cut damn near killed us. I grew up in Phelps luck in Columbia in the 70's and 80's.
We had some close calls!!!! My friend lost it once catching quite a bit of air on one of the hills on College Ave. That was a needed to change my underwear day. LOL. Watching trees fly by sliding sideways at 70 MPH wasn't that fun. I cant believe the crap we did and didn't even think about what could happen. I guess that's what teenagers did.

Or, am I getting old now????
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The DeLoach 27
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Shelby 500 vs. Camaro ZL1

Originally Posted by Vroom View Post
If you don't understand why the ZL1 is better the GT500, then you should probably get a GT500...
I agree with this statement, I do not believe that I would have to use a forum and ask people (especially Camaro people) which car that I would buy. That should be ultimately the buyers decision. If you chose wrong at least it would be your decision and no one making it for you.
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The magic smoke genie....
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Originally Posted by 2012-1822 View Post
You know what, I wrote a long post reiterating a whole bunch of stuff above, but whatever, I love my ZL1, I drive Chevy's. Here's my list

-1977 K5 Blazer
-1995 Z28, mom's car, but I got the keys anytime I wanted in high school
-1994 S Blazer, the one that started my addiction to black cars
-1997 S-10
-1990 K5 Blazer(I don't think they called them K5 at this point)
-2007 Silverado
-2012 Camaro ZL1

and further my brother still has his first car, 1989 S-10 Blazer, about to be an antique, my other brother's first car was a 2000 Camaro

1990 was still a K5. They stopped calling the K5s when they changed the body style and the removable top went away. That's when they became the Tahoe.
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Originally Posted by 2012-1822 View Post
Yeah well my dad could beat up your dad, so there
LOL ......
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To go fast!
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Deep Sea
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To ride in comfort and style with the ability to sh-- and git when the situation warrants such action. My father had a 1971 corvette stingray 454, 3 speed that had a ride experience like a tank. Tore up the kidneys. Real fast but not something you want to be in for long hauls. Just my .02.
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