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Old 03-25-2015, 10:36 AM   #1
Scalded Dog

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I need a $100 idea...

My Suburban has been in the shop for AC work... a few times now, over the course of three years. It's an independent shop, but the guy who owns it is a stand- up guy. We had the entire AC system done by him a couple of years ago... ran us something in the neighborhood of $1700. However, since then, the AC has had more issues... which Frank has always taken care of.

Sure, it's a pain in the butt. Some might be pissed off that unsatisfactory repair work was done. However, I have no idea whether or not there were faulty parts installed, or a mechanic made an error, or if it's just lousy luck. Who knows? What I DO know is that Frank has never argued that it's "not his fault," and never hesitated to repair the AC for us.... even when it's a failure that's a little out of his one- year- warranty period, he's still taken care of us. Yes, we SHOULD have gotten a problem- free AC system, but I also understand that shit happens. And when said shit has happened, Frank has always quickly worked to rectify the problem... at no charge.

Right now, he's replacing the compressor (for the third time). No charge.

I'd like to do something for him... I'm thinking something in the neighborhood of a hundred bucks or so. I don't really want to get him booze (okay to give to friend who you KNOW would appreciate it, but not everybody drinks... getting booze as a gift makes assumptions). Maybe gift cards to a restaurant? Was thinking of maybe getting a stack of $10 or $20 fast- food gift cards, so he can either keep them for himself, or hand him out to his crew. Or, maybe just a single gift card to a decent restaurant?

Anybody got better ideas? What is a good "thank- you" gift for a mechanic, who I don't know very well?

(One idea is to give him a shout- out: Frank's Muffler and AC, in San Bernardino, CA... recommended to me by others, and I will recommend the place to yet others. This is a national forum, so the vast majority of readers won't benefit, but MAYBE somebody local will be able to give Frank some business...)
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v1, rotate
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Sears gift card
2011 2SS/RS built 8/24/10
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You could always do a local good pizzeria so that everyone gets food. Just have it delivered there one day. In convo, just happen to ask when is he the slowest business wise. Then just have it delivered with a note.
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