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Let's go get them

I wonder what Chevy thinks about it?
You can check on the rep...

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I just like V8s
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Originally Posted by Casull View Post
PLUS it is not being forcefed with a supercharger like the GT500.... Pure displacement baby!

The exact reason the newer performance mustangs are not pure muscle cars to me, because they cant make high horsepower out of their engines with out a supercharger. Ya thats cool you have 500 hp. oh you want to make more well thats too bad because the biggest mod you can do to an engine has already been done guess youll have to crack open that engine block and start rebuilding the engine. geesss what a load of $h!+ ford has lost all clue how to make a good engine without scing it they should close up the engine r&d for the year and try again next year. GOD I HATE FORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is my biggest complaint about my Mustang is my puny 4.6L engine.

However, even if it is supercharged, the GT500 does have a 5.4L engine, and simple modifications and tuning can push the GT500 safely to the 600hp area without having to do anything to the engine or drivetrain.

Besides it is rumored the Camaro will be relying on a supercharger to make power for it's top model too.

Supposedly Ford is developing a new Hurricane engine series that will offer some serious upgrades to displacement, but rumors are few and it remains to be seen if they actually do make some great engines. The modular engines are not bad, they are just too small.
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that orange colored Rustang kind of resembles the new Mitsubishi Eclipse, IMO.
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reason no one likes it... it's ugly! they removed the lines that made it cool. it's all in the details with the new camaro design.
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