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Originally Posted by myold88 View Post
^^^^^ That tape will look really cool. ^^^^^
It'll look cooler than rock chips all over the front of my car
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Would rather be riding
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Originally Posted by Denis View Post
It'll look cooler than rock chips all over the front of my car

Put shrink wrap on it, drive mostly at night and avoid following large vehicles.
Nice vehicles with mods.
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I have driven my car 14,000 miles in 13 months since I bought it new. I have a one or two chips per side in the gills. No more since I added the splash guards. Also a couple on the front bumper and hood from bouncing rocks. I two VERY SMALL and VERY LIGHT superficial scratches I could probably almost get out by hand. Other than that, it seems to be doing alright. It's waxed every few months, parking in a gravel lot during the day at work, and the nose is a bit blasted below the grille from road debris, but it cleans up really well and isn't that noticeable to me.
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This week had my 2011 Summit White Camaro & 1998 Pearl White Riviera exteriors & interiors detailed by a pro. The 2011 Camaro (5,400 miles & daily driver including Canada winters), the 1998 Riviera (67,600 miles winter stored & never driven on winter salted roads). Yes, I am a low mileage driver. Both autos were clay-bar then polished & now paint finish on both autos glass smooth. Had a clear bra installed on the Camaro only a few days after picking up at dealership back in August 2010. The Camaro was special ordered six weeks before the 2011 models went into production and my 2011 was delivered via truck tansport within 5 days after it came off the assembly line. Both my 2011 Camaro & 1998 Riviera both have one each a very small rock chip on front bumpers. Otherwise both autos are free of paint chips even though I drive the Camaro on winter Canadian city streets that are salted and full of gravel/sand.

Issue: After detailer finished with my Camaro, I was informed there is a slight variation on the Summit White paint between left and right sides of the auto, more noticable on the roof mid point. Right side of the car looks pure white, left side white has slightly more yellow content on the roof at center mid point. After all these years never noticed before, but after viewing the paint finish in bright sunlight, detailer was correct, there is a difference between the left and right side white, most noticeable on the roof. In bright light now I can see white color change midway on the Camaro roof.

What is that all about? Factory paint spray gun shooting a different white paint mixture on left side while factory paint spry gun was shooting a different mix of Summit white on the right side? Perhaps factory paint spray guns overlapped hood and trunk, blended together, but two whites were not blended together on the roof? Perhaps poor paint standards at the factory?

Appariently the Pearl White finish was applied consistantly on my 1998 Buick Riviera and Riviera paint not prone to paint chips after 15 years and more than 67,000 miles. I now know the Summit White finish on my early production 2011 Camaro was not consistantly applied on both left & right sides at the factory and I currently have a two-tone summit white Camaro, prone to paint chips,

Hope paint quality improves on future GM autos.

I waited to preorder my 2011 Camaro because I wanted Summit White, and White was not offered on early 2010 models. Just suggesting perhaps GM Camaro paint process was not fully developed when early 2011 models came from the factory. How else to explain why I have two different whites, noticeable mid point on the roof. My pre-ordered 2011 Camaro was made late July 2010 and delivered to me early August 2010. No time for the auto to be damaged and repainted between date it left factory and date delivered to me. In fact, dealership sent me pics of my Camaro being off loaded from the truck. Made in Ontario, delivered in Ontario.
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Originally Posted by meissen View Post
I had a little piece of asphalt stuck to the front bumper in front of the hadlight, and I *very lightly* wiped back and forth with a plush wash mit. When I got the asphalt off the paint, the back and forth of the wash mit scratched the hell out of the paint...

always use a good bug and tar remover to get that stuff off.
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