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CAI, Catch Can and Throttle Body Tips

I spent this weekend doing 3 installs, RotoFab CAI, V Max 87 TB and a Moroso Catch Can. All seem to be working fine, but I found a few things in doing this that may help out others as I didn't see much in either instructions or videos to help. Had to look quite hard to find some ideas that helped me. Car has 5,900 miles on it - important for what I found in the TB.

1) In putting on the new CAI, you need to clip off a very tight and small metal clamp from the breather canister - the install video just says it was already removed, but you need to pry it open enough go get a cutter under it, if you don't have a cutter - get one before you start. Also, getting the canister out of the hose is a bit of a chore, even with soap, its tight.
2) The MAF connector - lock open - was still very tight. Someone on this site suggested starting the car and warming it up, that helped, but most help was wrap it in a cloth and without applying too much pressure, use a vice grip.

The rest of that install was easy.

So I get to the throttle body and what do I see - OIL laying there. Just what everyone says is a distinct possibility, oil going right into the SC.

Throttle body removal and replacement was a snap. 5-10 minute job once the air hose is disconnected.

Then came the fun part, installing the Catch Can - There was no issue with the can itself - it's getting the PCV hose off and the new hoses on that was a task.

Good luck trying to get your hands in there. Well the top back connector wasn't too bad to remove, easy to see the tab that you press and can reach it from putting your arm in next to the throttle body and then using a hefty flat head screwdriver, it slides off. But WAIT - what about the bottom front hose, the head is different and very hard to reach. You can't get a grip on it, hard to see it without good light and I couldn't see the clip at all.

Well someone else on this site posted some pics of one he broke trying to get it off. Great pics and he shows just where the clip is, so I rotated it with a thick flat head screwdriver, found the clip and with much contortion, pressed it while sliding it back with the screwdriver. After that it was easy to pull it out.

Putting in the new hoses wasn't too bad though I wasn't able to get the back top one past the last ridge, so got it as tight as I could and tightened the clamp. Is holding well - tested the system for about 30 miles over all types on roads - rough surface, driving at 65 and fast starts, etc. No leaks and seems to be holding tight. I am going to put some removable LockEase on the screws though because the can has some play and may put some force on the system when shaking. Looking for some rubber beads to put into the holder clamp to hold the can tighter.

Well for anyone doing this - the units are not hard themselves to do, the damn hoses are a pain.
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