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Originally Posted by jd10013 View Post
they say most accidents happen within five miles of your home.
IIRC it was David Letterman who said that is why he get got a post office box in New Delhi, India.
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I hate to say it, but I see it all the time, every day driving to and from work, dropping my kid off at school etc.

I see kids bouncing around in the back seat, standing up, heads/arms hanging out the windows.

and what are mom or dad doing.. running their stupid mouths on the phone or texting.
I'm only responsible for what I say, not for what you fail to understand.
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well, most school buses don't have seatbelts. they also don't have the seat turned around so they're facing the back of the bus which would be much safer
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I don't understand this. Why is it such a big deal to put on a seatbelt? It should come as second nature to every licensed driver on the road. On a side note, I want to thank GM for making this car as safe as it is. It's amazing how many people make it out of Camaro crashes alive.
“Driving a muscle car fast isn't that fun, it's driving one slowly and making a ton of noise and pissing people off, that's what’s fun.” –Matt Farah
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Putting the death, injury and stupidity of not wearing seat belts aside for a minute to talk about the money part of this.

We that do wear seat belts are forced to pay for those that don't wear them. Our auto and medical insurance rates have the costs for these individuals factored into them. So the next time some idiot injures or kills himself and this kids, not only is it a sad and needless loss, but the rest of us get the privilege for paying more each month from our own budgets on insurance.
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I've had two very close calls in the past two days.... both within 5 miles from my house. Both involved idiots pulling out in front of me without looking for oncoming traffic. As for seatbelt use, I always buckle up even though I hate the shoulder belt in my convertible. It hits me across my neck NO matter how I have the seat adjusted. Small price to pay to drive such a neat car.
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I am brainwashed, I put on my seatbelt without thinking, I also make sure the kids have theirs on before going into D or R.

When I was in Saskatoon, there was news article about an armless man fighting a seat belt charge, link below.

But what blew my mind was he was wearing a Bluetooth headset!!

He can't use his feet to put on a seat belt, but he can use his foot to press that tiny Bluetooth button on his ear??? Hahahahaha!!! (joke)

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Jus' Cruzin
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Originally Posted by SgtPickles69 View Post
Not putting on my seat belt feels unnatural to me.
That's me...... I cannot fathom why people don't wear seatbelts these days.
“The moment you think you know what’s going on in a women’s head, is the moment your goose is well and truly cooked”
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Originally Posted by SgtPickles69 View Post
Not putting on my seat belt feels unnatural to me.

I don't even start the vehicle before buckling up.
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Originally Posted by Good2go View Post

I don't even start the vehicle before buckling up.

What a sad situation. They hit so hard that the mini van was dragging the Camaro when the tow truck started to pull the mini van. I can only shake my head at all of those kids not buckled in...
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Wait a minute... Seat belts are good for you??? I wonder if cigarettes are bad for you....

What the hell were these people thinking?

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I can't believe nobody in the minivan and Camaro had seat belts on. People are so stupid and oblivious.
Vans/minivans/SUV's full of people (especially kids) are sometimes just as dangerous as drunk driving. There is so much potential for distraction.
On a side note, check out how intact the passenger compartment is on the Camaro!
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after 3 seat belt tickets, i gave up lol.
Originally Posted by Good2go View Post

I don't even start the vehicle before buckling up.
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when I met my wife she had a five year old who didn't think she needed to where a seatbelt. I couldn't very well get she to were it if I didn't, so I got into the habit. 25 years later I am uncomfortable without it and that little girl has a 5 year old and thay don't move the car without seat belt and car seat.
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Originally Posted by AdamZ View Post
Im sorry but if you don't wear a seat are just stupid.
I totally agree with you! In 2008 my son was a passenger in a car that hit standing water on the highway. The can spun and the rear hit a bank. My son was thrown our the hatchback (Trans Am) 100' and then the car landed on his leg. He is soo lucky. Ended up with a screwed up leg and a broken neck. It's a miracle that he wasn't killed.
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Doz El Dude
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I don't go anywhere without a seatbelt on. But a few years back a cousin of mine swerved to miss a deer without a seatbelt and was ejected. He only lived because he didn't wear it based on how much the cab was destroyed and mangled. Rare case.
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I never wore a seatbelt when I was younger but lost a few friends that didn't wear that would have lived if they had wore them. I don't want to be that influence on someone else. I feel naked without one now.
Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy shit, what a ride!"
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