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SCP is your source for 2010-13 Camaro DBA, Baer DecelaRotors, Hawk, Brembo and more!

Hi guys!

Southern Car Parts has a great selection of brake rotors, calipers and pads for your 2010-2013 Camaro. Many of our prices are the very best you'll find out there! Take a look at our huge selection below. All prices are posted right on our website via the direct links below:

Baer DecelaRotor

Baer Drilled and Slotted DecelaRotor Performance Brake Rotors for the Camaro V6
These Baer DecelaRotors are a perfect replacement brake rotor for the OEM rotors on the Camaro V6. Every DecelaRotor features combination slotted/cross drilled patterns and rust and heat resistant zinc coating for long term performance and durability. Baer DecelaRotors for the Camaro fit perfectly, look great, and help bring your Camaro to a stop sooner and shorter. These brake rotors provide great braking without breaking the bank.

Superior Bite
Equalized Pad Wear
Consistent Wet Weather Performance
Direct OE Replacement
Feature the same counter rotational drilling and slotting used in professional racing
Designed to eliminate out gassing while minimizing stress cracks
Manufactured by Baer, the world's leader in advanced braking technology, these DecelaRotors are a perfect piece for you once your Camaro's stock rotors have reached the end of their life. These are one-piece, slotted and drilled, zinc plated brake rotors. Sold in pairs.

V6 Camaro Here:

V8 Camaro Here:


DBA Performance Rotors

DBA 4000 Series Performance Brake Rotors for the Camaro SS by Hawk Performance
Camaro SS Brake Rotors

4000 Series DBA Rotors For the Camaro SS

The DBA 4000 Series is an excellent mid series street legal brake rotors for your 2010+ Camaro SS that is an excellent upgrade from the OEM Rotors. The DBA 4000 Series Rotors that we offer are an exact match for OEM equipment for the Camaro and can easily be installed without any additional components or modifications to your Camaro.

DBA’s 4000-series enhanced performance rotor features Thermal Stability Profiling for improved heat handling. This unique process provides greater thermal stability than standard street discs. TSP enhances the microstructure of the disc rotor for performance applications. Greater thermal stability allows your discs to take more heat, making them more stable under heavy braking for longer. TSP also means improved brake pad and disc rotor life, and delayed brake fade.

Also unique to DBA Rotors, Thermo-Graphic paint markings are used for effective heat monitoring which change colour at specific temperature thresholds. By monitoring the markings, drivers can check their braking performance quickly and easily.

4000 Series DBA rotors are availabe in slotted or slotted and drilled configurations (XS), The unique 6x6 Wiper Slot is designed to efficiently clear the gases, dust and debris, resulting in a cleaner disc surface for better braking while maintaining maximum friction.

4000 series rotors also incorporate the innovative Kangaroo Paw ventilation design, which runs cooler, stronger and outperforms traditional straight vane disc rotors by up to 20%.

Designed for the performance street and motorsport enthusiast.

Sold in pairs or a complete set of front and rear, the DBA 4000 Series Rotors are an excellent brake upgrade for your Camaro. For an even higher performance braking package, use the DBA 4000 Series rotors on the rear and DBA 5000 Series for the Front.

4000 series Available here:

5000 series Available here:


Brembo Brake Upgrade Packages

2010-2013 Camaro SS Brembo GT-R Rear Big Brake Kit

GT-R High Performance Brembo Big Brakes for the 2010 and newer Camaro SS
​The Brembo GT-R braking systems for the Camaro SS are designed to meet the needs of aggressive braking whether on the road or the track. Brembo Camaro SS GT-R Big Brakes are the most advanced expression of all Brembo's experience in braking system design. The GT-R Camaro SS Big Brake Kit is comprised of single block billet aluminium calipers with 4 and 6 piston radial attachment, two piece floating discs, pads with different friction material and high performance hardware.

Single block calipers in billet aluminium with racing characteristics: lightweight, rigid and resistant to high temperatures
The GT-R calipers are made from billet aluminium with radial 4 and 6 piston attachments. They reduce the non suspended weight, improving the dynamics and vehicle performance. They are designed to provide a constant locking strength and the sensation of a stable and reliable pedal. The pistons with stainless steel radiators allow a significant reduction of heat passage during extreme driving, reducing brake wear to a minimum. In order to guarantee protection against corrosion and to provide high quality in the field, the GT-R calipers are nickel plated and have the Brembo logo CNC machined in red embossing.

The GT-R system has been designed for the driver who demands exceptional performance on the street and on the track. It includes 4 or 6-piston monobloc calipers, two-piece floating brake rotors, a selection of friction materials and all the necessary hardware to insure seamless installation.

The GT-R calipers are machined entirely from billet like a $10,000 race caliper, not cast like our GT calipers.
Billet calipers include the benefits of a full race brake system: more stiffness, lighter weight (GT-R calipers achieve a weight reduction up to 10 percent compared to casted versions) and more thermo-mechanical resistance.
The nickel-plated finish provides additional treatment against corrosion and ensures a long lasting, attractive look.
The pistons, complete with stainless steel inserts, provide an additional heat barrier virtually eliminating fade even during max-limit and on-track driving.
Unique dual inner seals design keeps the seals away from excess heat. The inner seal acts as a pressure seal, with the outer seal acting as a wiper for long seal life in extreme conditions.
The calipers provide less brake fluid absorption and a stiffer pedal feel delivering consistent clamping force suited for drivers wanting to make the most of every second.

SS GT-R Available here:

SS GT Available here:

Camaro ZL1 Available here:

Camaro V6 Available here:


Hawk Performance Brake Pads

Hawk High Performance Street Series Brake Pads for the 2010+ Camaro SS
If you're looking to increase your vehicle's performance, upgrading the brake system is a surefire way to quickly and easily do so. More powerful brakes allow for faster driving and greater confidence behind the wheel, and are one of the most important race system components for any vehicle. Hawk Performance's HPS brake pads for the Camaro SS are an incredible package, and offer great performance and durability at a fantastic value.

HPS - High Performance Street disc brake pads are world renowned for increasing stopping power on your street legal vehicle. Increasing the performance of your vehicles braking system is easy when you choose Hawk Performance’s HPS braking compound. This unique Ferro-Carbon formula was developed for street performance using the safety and quality of Aerospace and Motorsports severe-duty friction technology.

The High Performance Street compound offers a higher coefficient of friction over stock brake pads and can provide you 20-40% more stopping power and higher resistance to brake fade than most standard replacement pads. Less fade means you will have a highly durable brake pad with less brake dust.

HPS Ferro-Compound Features:

Increased stopping power
High friction/torque hot or cold
Gentle on rotors
Extended pad life
Low dust
Virtually noise-free
All Hawk Performance High Performance Street brake pads provide a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring products to be free of defects from manufacturer’s workmanship and materials.

2010-2013 Camaro LT Hawk HPS Brake Pads Available here:

2010-2013 Camaro SS Ceramic Brake Pads Available here:

2010-2013 Camaro SS Hawk HPS Brake Pads Available here:
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