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Try to stay away from BP as much as possible, a few months back there was a bad blend going around which had some kind of sand or whatever in it, and whoever got it had to get their fuel lines cleaned because their cars wouldn't start... Look it up, northwestern indiana was the area
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try to stick with 76 here in the pacific northwest
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A high-volume Chevron.
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Used Exxon almost exclusive for 15 years before the 1989 Exxon Valdze oil dump. After Valdze oil dump cut up my card and cancelled my Exxon account. Have not used Exxon since 1989 because environmental damage is still present after 24 years.

Will not purchase from BP due to their uncontrolled oil dump a few years ago. Yes, they are running ads the gulf areas are back to normal but the BP oil spill has contaminated the sea floor perhaps for the next 60-100 years, considered to be the worst environmental disaster in history.

I am not a hard core environmentalist. However, both Exxon and BP poorly handled their environmental disasters and I no longer buy their brands.

In North America we do not have a shortage of oil, we have a shortage of refineries. Crude oil refined in North America is then sold to and branded by Shell and others. It’s the same oil, just branded differently by time it hits the pumps.

Canada is pumping out a massive amount of crud oil and in the last decade only getting started tapping into its oil supply. But Canada does not have the refineries. US has limited refineries and less oil reserves. Therefore, Canada is shipping crud oil to China because it can not be refined for domestic use here in North America. There is not a shortage of oil in North America, there is a shortage of refineries in North America. Canada has massive oil reserves but here in Canada we are shipping +50% of crud oil to China because we don’t have the oil refineries in North America.

Crud oil has to be refined, then sold/distributed and branded. It is all the same crud oil regardless if it is coming from Canada or the Middle East. I will not buy from brands like Exxon and BP, because those brands have shown they refuse to be responsible for their past environmental mistakes.

Good for me when I moved from US to Canada in 2003, I invested in Canada oil stocks. Canada is shipping so much oil to China and elsewhere out of North America, my Canadian oil stock profits allowed me to pay cash for my 2011 Camaro back in 2010.
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Shell 93, mostly because of local promotions.

2013 CRT 2SS RS – Heritage Grille, CAI, ZL1 Style Splitter, Chrome OEM Wheels.
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