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Old 06-14-2013, 05:48 PM   #1
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Horrible experience with PARTS TAXI PARTSTAXI.COM

I'll try not to make this too long. I purchased an SS conversion kit because I feel it has a more aggressive look since it's lower than the LT model and has that edge at the bottom that almost gives it a splitter look. Anyways, I searched online and not many places were selling them but found one on So I went ahead and purchased it in early March. The total was:

Items Total: $438.75
Shipping Method: UPS Ground Shipping
Shipping: $42.78
Order Total: $481.53

I've purchased tonsss of things online and usually when you buy something, you get the confirmation immediately. Then later that day or the next, it will say order processed and that they will update you on when it is being shipped. So I got the confirmation but never got anything after that. I waited 2 weeks and got worried that maybe something went wrong. I emailed them and waited. Still didn't get an answer so in a couple days, called them and went on their website and sent messages for customer service asking about my order. I checked my credit card statement and there was no transaction and so it didn't seem right. I tried to read up on reviews about them but didn't seem to be much and even their facebook page had less than 250 likes. So I thought it didn't go through and/or they're just out of business or something. I went ahead and ordered from a local place and received it within a week.

Then one morning a few weeks later after my original purchase, I get an email that it was shipped. I quickly replied back and told the person that I never got a reply or anything from the beginning about my order and I went ahead and purchased another one because I can't just keep on waiting. I also ordered a Heritage grille and a splitter so I wanted the SS bumper ASAP. So he says he did reply even though I never got an email. My last few current emails have been asking to show me any proof that he replied but he hasn't and of course he won't because he's lying. Like I said before, I've done online shopping countless of times. It was not in my spam or anything. I'm not going to fall for that BS.

On top of that, originally the shipping was $42.78. It said that when I purchased it, it said that on my confirmation, it said that on my receipt and everything. But few weeks later when they shipped it, they charged $240 dollars and sent me this new bill. Obviously I can't do anything because they already have my credit card information and charged that amount. I did ask him about and sent him the original invoice I had and why the shipping changed but of course he didn't reply. Here is a copy of the new email I got weeks later when they shipped it.

Sub Total $438.75
Shipping method - UPS Ground Shipping Shipping $240.00
Handling Fee $0.00
Tax $0.00
Total $678.75

The guy "Kevin" replied that I can't cancel my order and I can always just return it as long as I pay for all the shipping and 20% restocking fee. So if you do the math, that's $240 shipping to me, then $240 shipped back, plus 20% of roughly $440 is about $90. Total is about $570. Are you kidding me? I'm not paying $570 just to go down the drain just because your company can't reply to their customers emails, calls, or messages. That's a lot of money for me to throw away especially since the price of the conversion kit itself is $440.

Anyways, lesson learned. Don't buy from shady places you've never heard of before. There's places out there that all they care about is making money even if it hurts their reputation. If we could have worked something out, I would have definitely came back for a couple other items. I've had good experiences from PhastekPerformance, Apex, JDP Motorsports, and AutoAnything to name a few. They keep you updated on your purchases and answer any questions you have in a timely manner. Just great customer service.

But yea, I still have it sitting in my garage using up a lot of space if anyone wants to buy it. I'm in the Houston area and prefer to not deal with shipping.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope no one has any bad experiences similar to mine or at least can learn from what I went through.

And I just remembered this as I was about to post so I'll just quickly add it that I had ordered color changing Halos from Phastek Performance and I believe it was Ricardo who informed me that they were on back order and that it may take a while and I had the choice to cancel or wait. I decided to wait for them but the point is that communication is key with dealing in any business. Clearly partstaxi couldn't do that and that cost me about $700.
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I said it once, twice, a freaking million times. Why buy OEM parts from anyone but Maureen at Rodgers ? There is NO better!

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If on your CC, and your original invoice shows different shipping charges, file a claim. The increased charges are unauthorized.
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Originally Posted by nyrfan View Post
I said it once, twice, a freaking million times. Why buy OEM parts from anyone but Maureen at Rodgers ? There is NO better!

Sent from my 2SS/RS

I enjoy my Rodgers goodies, microfiber towels, free shipping, and competitive pricing.
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Old 06-24-2013, 03:27 PM   #5
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Similar experience but I was spared as I hadnt forked out the cash yet!!
Rubbish service!! I posted my experience here and guess what!? He replies to my thread lying through his teeth!

NEVER EVER AGAIN!! DON'T BUY FROM PARTS TAXI!!! Plenty of reputable vendors on here so why risk it with this clown!!
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Here's a little lowdown on how some internet merchants work, and is one of them.

This place (and many like them) are run by somebody playing a middleman. They stock no parts, have no warehouses, and do everything third-party. Most times their "office" is a personal home, or small office in a strip mall. Their "customer service" is usually lax, because it's one guy trying to make a buck. If you do a lot of web surfing, you'll see that many of these sites look similar, but have different domain names. That's because the same individual usually owns several sites selling the same items.

When you place an order, they will go to work to fill your order via a third-party vendor, whomever happens to be cheapest that day. They simply drop-ship from the vendor to your door, and collect the mark-up and in many cases, leftover freight money.

KNOW WHO YOU'RE BUYING FROM. Research. Put a potential seller's web address into a "whois" database to see who really owns it, and where they're really located. I did that for partstaxi, and here is the result:

Dagesse, Christopher
16864 Black Marlin Circle
Lewes, DE 19958


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Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Dagesse, Christopher
16864 Black Marlin Circle
Lewes, DE 19958

Record expires on 06-Feb-2014.
Record created on 06-Feb-2009.
Bulk whois optout: N
Database last updated on 24-Jun-2013 17:06:19 EDT.
The address listed is for a very nice home (he must do well):

As always, be careful. Buy from a reputable dealer.
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JW Motorsports LLC
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Partstaxi is actually attached to or is part of a dealership. They are not selling parts from home.

Sorry for your bad experience. I've ordered from them with no issues.
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Originally Posted by nyrfan View Post
I said it once, twice, a freaking million times. Why buy OEM parts from anyone but Maureen at Rodgers ? There is NO better!

Sent from my 2SS/RS
just placed another order this morning with Maureen and got my tracking number a few hours ago.
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Dispute the charge with your credit card company, plain and simple. Tell them what happened and they'll do a chargeback.
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I had a similar experience with them. Ordered part on Monday invoice said $99.85 shipped they send me an invoice on Thursday saying shipping is $175 and I'm being charged $263.86!!
I called partstaxi Thursday and no answer and recording said voicemail was full...
I emailed Kevin Thursday and told him to cancel the order at 3pm cst..
Later that night 4 hours later I get an email from UPS saying item was shipped!!
I called Friday morning and a girl told me Kevin was busy I left my number and asked for a call back. (He never called back)
I called again Friday afternoon around 4 same girl said Kevin was busy and he would call me Monday morning (she said she could not help me)
Monday afternoon I called (after not hearing back from him all morning)and spoke to Kevin he said to "refuse the shipment" and I will get a refund.
Now I'm stuck playing a waiting game (ill keep you guys updated)
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Not trying to kick you guys when you're down but hope you guys (and others) learn from this. Free shipping Rodgers Chevrolet. I don't think I've heard of one incident where Maureen has screwed anyone over.
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I had emailed parts taxi on some ZL1 pedals since their price looked to be really good. Waited a whole week for the guy to get back to me. Never did. Took my business to Maureen.
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