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Unhappy Issues after a collision with a deer. Ourisman Cheverolet Bowie, MD

I have read the stickies and will try my best to be non biased in this situation regardless of my feelings.

Firstly, Thank you to anyone who has any positive input or advice for my situation.

Here it goes......

On Wednesday 7/22/15, I had a collision with a deer on church road going back home. I hit the deer at about a speed of 40 mph..... It broke my heart because he came out of nowhere and he was a young buck. I pulled over to inspect the damage done to my vehicle. Of course I was just as devastated when I saw my brand new baby (7 Months Old) smashed in on the driver side.

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Filed a police report and all that jazz to make sure state farm would come through... They took care of me in a flash and gave me an appointment to go see the adjuster.

On Wednesday 7/29/15, I was able to make my appointment with the adjuster and drop the car directly off at Ourisman Chevrolet of Bowie for the work. I was greeted by a gentleman named Alex and went to look at the damage. He started to circle the damage where the deer hit. He then circled prior damage (light paint chips from rocks and scratches on handle). When the pen would go out he would push it against the ground to get it flowing again. I thought that was odd since there is gravel and dirt on the parking lot. They are the experts so I mentioned it but didn't make a big fuss about it. After that, Alex said he would be going on vacation and another person would be handling my claim. I gave him my fob and took the courtesy shuttle home.

On Monday 8/3/2015, I called to check on the status of the car and got a voicemail with no return call.

On Wednesday 8/5/2015, I called and spoke to the body shop manager (Bill I think his name was). He did not have an answer for me but guaranteed me a call back.

On Friday 8/7/2015, I received a voicemail from my representative Kevin stating that they were waiting for state farm to come appraise more damage.

I then called state farm with concern of how to get someone out as soon as possible. They complied and stated they would send someone out the next business day.

On Monday 8/10/15, I was able to communicate with Kevin as to whether my car had been reappraised. He estimated the car would be ready by Friday and that I could come pick it up then or after.

On Friday 8/14/15, I reached out to Kevin to inquire about the car. The car was in paint and should be ready by Monday.

On Monday 8/17/15, Again I reached out, supposedly we were waiting on the front bumper.

After multiple calls.... The bumper arrived Thursday 8/20/15.... I was told it would be ready to go by Friday...

On Friday, 8/21/15 I get a call at 6 saying the car is ready but the shop is closed so I can pick it up the next morning.

On Today 8/22/15, I picked up the car and notice a purple plastic residue on the rear bumper, passenger taillight, and back quarter panel where the wheel well and chassis??? meet. I was told that this was a product used during spray and that it was water soluble.. Of course it is not and Kevin tried to wipe it away with a wet microfiber cloth. This baffles me as to why he did this because supposedly the car had been detailed and buffed.... When you buff someones car you don't ruin it with a wet rag. Concerned by this obvious overlook I walked the car and found a new scratch on it about 6 inches long. Kevin then tells me to bring the car back Tuesday on 8/25/15. They could take care of the scratch and the purple crud. They had the car 3 weeks and they want me to bring it back on my day off.... My time is valuable and I consider this an unacceptable inconvenience. I also had to go to work so I left and told him I would be in contact. On the ride to work the car began to pull to the left..... This never happened until I got the car back. It was not pulling when I hit the dear... It wasn't till after the repairs. When getting to my job, I had a few extra minutes and did a more thorough walk around. I am so disappointed to say the least. Where the paint pen was used on the car there are hair like scratches. You can actually read the words prior damage and rock chips on the door and hood. The front grill bracket is coming off. It is about half an inch lower then it is supposed to be and hence shows the tabs. Also, the hood is now crooked and is higher on one side then the other. The front bumper and back bumper are misaligned and off (Higher on one side then the other or crooked). The hood is off to the point where you can see the latch under the hood.

I am so discouraged with this whole scenario. Not to mention that this cost state farm 4.6k.....I wait 3 weeks for a less than satisfactory product. On top of that this was my first new car.... I wash her and love her. I'm 26 and this was a gift to myself for almost being done my masters and being a home owner for 3 years. I work very hard for my money and find my time even more valuable then the money itself. I did research on why to pick Chevy over ford and dodge. A quality product is what they advertise and a quality product and service is what I expect. Now, I understand this is not GM's fault but every dealer represents the Chevy name.

I reached out to state farm and they documented the situation.

I reached out to the shop manager with no response.

I reached out to Chevy customer service and they seemed so concerned that they said a senior case manager would personally reach out to me.

I FEEL so unappreciated and weak in this situation with this dealer.....

Does anyone have any other advice of who else to contact about this situation..... This doesn't even look like my car anymore....

Again, Thank You All
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Sorry to hear about your car. Looks like they did a sub par repair and even worse clean up on it from your pics. If this was a shop the insurance recomended then it is probably one of their guranteed repair shops and they will be all over them to fix it to your satisfaction. Most shops will do what ever they can to stay in these programs it means a lot of business for them. Staying on top of it with the ins company is probably your best bet. Hope they get it fixed for you soon.
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Sorry to see things not working right for you. On a brighter note, love your Steelers phone case! Steeler Nation!
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Impatiently waiting GM!
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I can guarantee they didn't get a new front bumper. or repair the damage behind the bumper and fender. Had a similar issue not as severe but chevy dealerships in most areas charge for work they never did and just make everything look good til you find out later.
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