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Keep the Chevelle. Number's matching and a rare color. I sold my LS6 years ago and I will regret it till the day I die. Keep it.
LSX 454 (nuff said)
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Speed Freak
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Originally Posted by woodbine View Post
Thanks so much everyone! I really needed this. It's great to have so many car enthusiasts to ask for advise. I really appreciate it.
Okay, the real question you need to ask yourself is what about the car makes it desirable? If it is having heads turn when you drive and a sense of being behind the wheel of something special then keep the Chevelle. If you want a car that will amaze you in its performance ability when you DRIVE it, then you need to buy the ZL1. The cool factor is won by the Chevelle. I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum, I have no desire for bling, I only care about speed and a new ZL1 will completely eat that cars lunch on any long straight or mountain road. After having said that, I don't think I have ever driven a car in public that gathers as much attention as my ZL1. I thought I would blend with all the other Camaros out there, wrong. Everybody else on this blog must notice the same thing.... It is a good looking car and it draws attention if you want it or not.
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Oz ZL-1
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Originally Posted by woodbine View Post
Wow, Guys, Thanks for the imput. I really needed this. It is a numbers matching car and completely restored. It's not my youth car I have always been a camaro guy. I have a 1969 Camaro ss 396 which was my youth car. I picked up the Chevelle as it too is a one year car body style in the muscle car era.My wife says if I get another car I have to sell one That why I needed all of your advise. My only Vice is cars and sometimes can't get that itch scratched. I had the car appraised in 2008 for $60,000.00 but I know the market was hit with the economy. I would need $46,000.00 if I were to sell it to purchase a ZL1. Thinking, Thinking, Thinking...
Well woodbine, I suggest trading in HER car for the ZL1!!!
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Rock on
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keep the chevelle you will be able to find good Zl1s for years to come
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Well, based on this I think you know the Big Dog was the SS 454 that will bring the major value. You said it was NOT your youth car - so not so much sentimental value. The seats sure are nice (wish they still offered seats that comfy) - But you still have your orig Camaro, so why not sell the Chevelle, get yourself its Modern Day ZL1 Legend as a pair of Camaro's. The mystique of just having "that pair" will be more rewarding. Not to mention the visceral rewards the ZL1 will heap on you in spades. Put that Chevelle on the market. Get your BOOKEND Camaro's. Quick, get it moving and pick out your options on the ZL1 (Get the auto, it will take you into the sunset years real well -- and its "race tuned")
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2010 SSRS

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Originally Posted by its a syn View Post
Says the man with 3 Camaros! Just messin' with ya.
more Camaros the better
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Depends on what you want out of life.

The SS car will forever be super cool. But do you want something that mainly sits in the garage? You have great bragging rights for beer drinking friends.

On the flip. Do you want car with 100k warranty that never sits in the garage? The zl1 will forever have less bragging rights than your SS but at least it will see much more use and easier to get parts.

Adding, I had a 1971 Trans Am that I got rid of decades ago. Now I have a 2011 Camaro with 90k miles on it. Not for a second would I give up my camaro for the trans am. My car is just too practical compared to working on the car at least e very month. I still want to get an old trans am someday but plan to get zl1 at end of this year. The technology and comfort is just 100 times better.

As a long term investment stay with SS. But if you want new experiences and to be more outside on adventures with better comfort go ZL1.

This part is how I see things myself. I move forward for better or worse and challenge myself. If I sold and a year later wanted one, then it would be to find a rust bucket and rebuild (bragging rights again). Just to stay with same car is not to live, for better or worse.

Originally Posted by Fiery re-Creation View Post
It's numbers matching so I would say hell no keep the Chevelle.
1969 ZL1 Camaro, "I'll be back"
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Keep the chevelle. It's still a beautiful car. That car will still turn more heads.
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Originally Posted by AG383 View Post
Keep the Chevelle. Number's matching and a rare color. I sold my LS6 years ago and I will regret it till the day I die. Keep it.
IMO, an LS6 might be a different discussion. If the OP was a car collector, I would say keep a rare car like he has. I have a wife that feels the same as the OP's wife and I would like my weekend driver to deliver everything. The ZL1 to me remains exclusive (not as much as the Chevelle), but is a way better all around performance vehicle.

I say ZL1...
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id keep the Chevelle and figure out how to get both. Im fond of both vehicles. The only way I would get rid of my ZL1 would be for a 70 Chevelle LS6 4spd Conv't matching numbers.
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No way. You can purchase a ZL1 anytime, but you can't go to the dealer and get a '70 Chevelle.
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Originally Posted by 3monkeys View Post
New rule: sweetie, if you want a new pair of shoes, you have to get rid of the old pair...
No no no, if the wife gets a new pair of shoes, I get a new muscle car, wait, I'm not married. I wonder why that is.

Look, I don't have the answer, OP said the classic Camaro means more to him than the Chevelle, but what is the Chevelle really worth to you, and you only. If it's just a car then trade, if you love it like no other keep it.

But all ya'll need to remember, the ZL1 will be numbers matching too.
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Keep the Chevelle find a way to get the ZL1. One can never have too many bad assed rides.
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Use the Chevelle as collateral on a loan and get the payments down where you need it.
I could never part with my Chevelle.
Or the ZL1!
Best of both worlds.
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Camaro Fred
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Don't sell the Chevelle. You are in a situation many would love to be in. I kept my high school car (73 Camaro RS) and waited until I was 50 to buy my ZL1. You can do the same, but hold on to that Chevelle, you cannot replace a numbers matching car like that, it is priceless.
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Keep the Chevelle, any d-nozzle can sign the papers on a ZL1, a restored 70 Chevelle is an epic car that only a few can own, just read my sig...
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Get the ZL1 but keep the Chevelle, they go so very well together!
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